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Keeping track of the commission incomes for all the brokers can be a time consuming and frustrating job. This module makes so much sense!

Sherrill Conley, Principal Broker
HomeStar Brokers, Oregon

Get powerful commission reporting right inside your Paperless Pipeline account

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  • Generate signed CDAs (commission disbursement authorizations) in under 1 minute
  • Track your business performance with sophisticated financial reports for your company
  • Measure your agents' production with comprehensive commission and income reports

Just like all the things you love about Paperless Pipeline, the commission reporting module is powerful yet easy to understand and use. And it's backed by our human-friendly support team, so you can be confident you'll get the help you need.

The Commission Module will save us hours each week!

We used to track everything via Excel Spreadsheets - new listings, under contracts, monthly transactions by offices, income and volume by agent, etc. This was a lot of data entry for three offices and over 100 agents.

Paperless Pipeline helped with listings and contracts before. Now with the addition of the Commission Module, we have been able to stop posting to Excel spreadsheets completely for these items and will run all of our reports from the pipeline.

It will save us hours each week!

I used to have to have each office send me the data to prepare paperwork for Pay At Closing Table. Now I just go to the transaction and everything is there - the figures, the closing attorney contacts, etc. It takes only minutes with no hoops to jump through. Two of my offices went paperless in June 2015 and the final office came to the paperless side in December 2015.

No more calling branch offices and scanning reports each month for the main office. All will be available at my fingertips this new year!!!!

Kerri Beeson, Operations Manager
The Realty Group, Hiram, GA
3 offices, 100 agents
  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1
    When will I be able to have this in Paperless Pipeline?
  • We are releasing this feature to existing customers in groups of 20 customers at a time. If you are interested in getting into the next batch, please register for the next demo by clicking here. At the end of the demo, you will have an opportunity to sign up for the module.
  • Q2
    We have the commission summary tab in Pipeline already, but we cannot view all the reports that are shown in the video above. So how do we go about viewing all the different reports?
  • These commission reports will be available only after this feature has been activated on your account. To activate this module, see answer to question #1 above.
  • Q3
    Why are you charging an extra fee for this?
  • When we release a new feature in Pipeline, we commit to making it work for all customers as best as possible. However, Pipeline’s commission reporting module is not suitable for everyone. This is because some of our customers already use a different product or an in-house system for reporting, and are happy with it. Others have very complex reporting needs that this module may not satisfy. Because of this, we had originally planned to build this as a separate product with its own pricing plans but in the end decided to build it as a module within Pipeline at a nominal cost so that our existing customers can enjoy its tight integration into the system they already love.

    The extra monthly fee allows us to dedicate development resources towards maintaining and improving this module while still having enough resources to improve Pipeline's mainstream features for you.

    Even if this module comes with a price tag, we wanted it to cost no more than a fraction of what you'd pay for another product. And unlike other products, Pipeline's reporting module will not cost more even when your office recruits more agents or closes more transactions.

  • Q4
    I'm interested in learning more about this module. Can we schedule a demo?
  • Yes. Just scroll all the way to the top of this page and click the green "Attend the Next Demo of the Commission Reporting Module" button above the video.

Having all this information in one easy place is a big bonus!

The reporting module has been helpful in providing us a way to produce commission demands digitally. It also puts all the commission information into the transaction so each broker can see their own information (gross commission, fees and net commission).

The reports are also great. We can see a report of the company's overall production as well as spreadsheets that breakdown each individual brokers commission and fees.

As our company continues to grow, having all this information in one place that is easy to work with is a big bonus. Keeping track of the commission incomes for all the brokers can be a time consuming and frustrating job.

This module makes so much sense!

Sherrill Conley, Principal Broker
Transaction Coordinator
HomeStar Brokers, Oregon
25+ agent office


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