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Recruit more agents, close more deals, and grow your company with easy-to-use real estate brokerage software and robust commission reporting.

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Here's Why Real Estate Agencies
Love Paperless Pipeline

Before Pipeline: Your tasks and critical documents fall through the cracks. Your agents and admins complain about the process and haphazardly turn in paperwork. You don't have a pulse on your real estate office and you know there's a better way.

After Pipeline: Your agents actually use the system. Transaction files are created in less than a minute and task reminders are automatic. Your admins are able to easily manage every transaction. Now, you can see every deal and grow your real estate business with ease.

See Tangible Results With Simple
Real Estate Broker Software

Paperless Pipeline powers top real estate brokerages and offers tangible results.

This simple yet powerful real estate transaction and commission management software is used by more than 80K+ real estate professionals across the US and Canada.

Keep Your Agents SellingYour agents can spend more time selling and less time navigating error-prone and time-consuming real estate brokerage software—without any extra work, learning, or workflow changes.
Keep Your Admins On TrackYour admin and transaction coordinators can streamline processes with features that improve speed and efficiency.The simple, distraction-free interface allows them to support your real estate agents with 100% satisfaction.
Keep Your Clients DelightedYou can focus on coaching your agents to delight every client and ensure that they keep coming back to your real estate brokerage for every purchase or sale.

Get More for Your Money With Seamless Transaction and Commission Management

Paperless Pipeline is real estate brokerage software designed and built alongside the country's top agencies.

With the best features, your business can streamline its real estate back office system, as well as its transaction and commission management so that everyone is on the same page.

Unlimited users

Add every broker, agent, admin, or assistant—for free.Always included

Flexible permissions

Easy to use agent management settings and preferences. For Transactions

Instant statements

Download real estate commission statements instantly. For Commissions

10-year storage

Your data and transactions are stored for up to a decade.Always included

Transaction reporting

Instantly generate transaction and production reports. For Transactions

On-demand reports

View financial info and generate detailed, custom reports. For Commissions

Free local backups

Stay worry-free and compliant with free monthly data backups.Always included

Powerful integrations

Connect to your other favorite apps and real estate back office tools.For Transactions

Automated CDAs

Create and send Commission Disbursement Authorizations.For Commissions

Want to see more features for your real estate brokerage?
Take the Paperless Pipeline feature tours!

Transaction Management Feature Tour and Commission Management Feature Tour

Big benefits for Real Estate Brokerages

In the real estate industry, compliance is key and an online system can help your business achieve it.

However, real estate transaction management software can be more than a compliance solution and a back office tool.

Here are just nine of the benefits that your business will get with Paperless Pipeline's real estate broker software:

  • 1. Grow your brokerage with software built for modern real estate.

    Brokers today need software solutions that are designed specifically for modern real estate.

    Paperless Pipeline is more than back office commission or agent management—it's the simpler way to manage transactions and grow your business.

    Paperless Pipeline is designed alongside top brokerages to ensure that new features and updates actually help your business.Paperless Pipeline works seamlessly alongside the other tools your agents are already using.Paperless Pipeline saves you time, money, and effort—so you can focus on doing the things that matter.

  • 2. Get started with Paperless Pipeline, completely free.

    Free Trial

    Love your real estate transaction management software before you select a plan. Paperless Pipeline is 100% free to test with your entire team—no credit card needed.

    Free Setup

    Get setup before you select a plan. With Paperless Pipeline you can get setup for free and test it out with all of your agents—it's that simple.

    Free Training

    Every plan includes free admin training. Learn how simple real estate brokerage software can be and streamline your entire office workflow.

  • 3. Reduce your company spend and overhead.

    With Paperless Pipeline you only pay for monthly production—it's that simple. Whether you have dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of agents, your costs are only based on the number of new transactions added during the month.

    If production increases, upgrade. If production slows down, downgrade.If you're not happy, cancel. It's that simple.

    Check out Paperless Pipeline’s upfront pricing →

  • 4. Recruit and retain top producing agents and teams.

    Paperless Pipeline fuels agent productivity, eliminates the common pain points in real estate transaction management, and keeps every agent doing what they do best—working with buyers and sellers.

    Simplify brokerage operations and agent onboarding.Give your agents access to their data anytime and anywhere.Provide greater mobility and time-savings to all agents and admins.

    See what customers have to say →

  • 5. Create the reports you need—in seconds.

    Customize Transaction Reports

    Create your own customized reports to see exactly what you need. Download the results or send the data to your other favorite apps. Learn more →

    Quick Inventory Reports

    Run Pending and Listing Inventory Reports within seconds and filter by time period, property type, or side.

    Detailed Commission Reports

    With Paperless Pipeline’s Commission Module, you can run detailed financial reports and see exactly what your company is earning from pending and closed transactions. Learn more →

  • 6. Stop tasks and documents from falling through the cracks.

    Know exactly where every deal is at, anytime. Paperless Pipeline keeps your brokerage organized and on top of every step of the transaction process. From one page, you can instantly see what's active, what tasks remain incomplete or overdue, and what’s closing!

  • 7. Remind your agents and admins, automatically.

    Each day, users will receive a digest of what’s due today, what’s coming up tomorrow, and what may still be overdue.

    Prepare your team for closings and expiring listings with automatic reminders for important transaction milestones.

    Each month, admins and agents can receive a detailed report of year to date and monthly production.

  • 8. Stay compliant and ready for the next audit.

    Your real estate business relies on maintaining compliant records. Paperless Pipeline is simple real estate transaction management software that seamlessly maintains a complete, easy-to-follow audit trail of all activities on all transactions.

    Keep comprehensive and accurate transaction history information.Keep your data stored online with Paperless Pipeline and keep a separate copy stored locally with free monthly backups.Keep transaction data private and accessible only to users with exactly the right permissions.

  • 9. There's no annual contract or commitment.

    Free to try is nice. Free to cancel is even better. Paperless Pipeline is designed to help brokers and brokerages manage real estate transactions without worrying about annual long-term contracts. It's that simple.

    Set up a free trial without a credit card.
    Schedule a free account setup call to add all your checklists.
    Test it with 9 free real estate transactions.

FAQ: Brokerage Management Software

With so many real estate software programs available, how do you know which one is the best real estate transaction software for your brokerage? Try them out with active transactions.

Deciding which real estate transaction management software is best for your company is an important decision. Check out some of the most commonly asked questions and answers:

Is it free to get started?

Yes! You can sign up for a free trial anytime—without a credit card or commitment.

Do we pay extra for more agents or admins?

No. Unlike many products, Paperless Pipeline does not charge you based on how many users you add. 10 users or 10,000, the price is only based on monthly production. This adds up to significant savings as your company grows.

Will we be charged when our trial is up?

No. There is no credit card required to try Paperless Pipeline. You will only be charged when you decide you’re ready to move forward and select a plan.

What if we need a longer trial?

We're happy to give you some more time to test with agents and admins. Just let us know and we'll be here to help.

What does it cost?

Paperless Pipeline plans are based on monthly production. Pricing is clear, upfront, and always in your control. See all plans and pricing here →

Can we cancel at any time?

Yes! There's no annual long-term contract for Paperless Pipeline. You can cancel at any time.

What is brokerage management software?

Transaction management software for brokers is an essential business solution that enables your company to close more deals in less time, recruit top-producing agents and teams, and ultimately reach your growth and expansion goal.

Can I customize Paperless Pipeline software for real estate in different states?

Yes! Paperless Pipeline is flexible enough to accommodate your specific needs and preferences. You can easily customize the system to your processes and custom workflows—or let us help with free account setup.

Can we all access transactions from anywhere?

Yes! Paperless Pipeline allows your entire company to work from anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

What if I have more questions?

Our team is here to help. Call us at (844) 467-2737 or .

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Create a free account in less than a minute and try the software for 14 days with 9 free transactions. If you love it, select a plan to keep using it. You can upgrade or downgrade as needed, or cancel if you're not happy.

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