Why Choose Paperless Pipeline
Over Dotloop

Paperless Pipeline offers you a free trial so you can see in advance if you will like it. There are no setup fees or training fees, and you pay with a month to month plan so you never have to worry about being locked into a long-term contract.

Plus each month you receive a monthly backup of your transaction data - so if you cancel the service, you don’t have to download your data one transaction at a time.

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Paperless PipelineDotloop for Brokerage
Free trial - Try it out first to make sure it’s a fitYesNo free trial
No long-term contracts, no setup fees, cancel any timeYesMust commit to a long-term contract
Download a backup of your transactions each monthYesNo (must download each transaction manually)

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  • 100% free to get started.
  • No credit card needed.
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Paperless PipelineDotloop for Brokerage

Plans start at $120 / month.
Transaction-based pricing.

Plans start at $299 / month.
Agent-number-based pricing (even if agents are idle).

Training Cost

Provides free training.

Charges $600 setup fee for training.


Works great with external tools and services favored by your agents, enabling them to get up and running quickly and painlessly.

Seamlessly supports the workflows of the least to the most tech-savvy agents.

Replaces the tools and services long favored by your agents forcing them to re-learn new workflows.

Top Reasons to Choose
Pipeline Over Dotloop

  • Paperless Pipeline is self-funded, fully sustainable, and focused on delighting customers

    Paperless Pipeline is not owned by a huge corporation. In fact, since our inception in early 2009, we have never taken a single outside investment. Our interests are 100% aligned with our customers' interests not with those of external investors or a parent organization.

    So when you sign up with us, you can be sure that your data will never be abused nor will it ever be used by a parent corporation -- we don't have a parent corp to answer to!

    You can also be sure that your users, vendors, and clients will never be shown any third-party advertisements.

  • Paperless Pipeline gives you monthly data backups

    These backups are provided for free each month and are in a vendor-neutral format that works on any computer.

  • Paperless Pipeline does not lock you into an annual contract

    With Paperless Pipeline, you pay month-to-month. And if you are not happy, you can cancel your account at any time without fear of breaking a long-term contract.

  • Paperless Pipeline's pricing is based on transactions you do each month, not by number of agents

    With Paperless Pipeline, you will only pay by transactions that your agents bring in each month regardless of how many agents and branch offices you have. If you are in a slow production month, just downgrade your plan. When growth picks up again, upgrade it right back.

    In short, Paperless Pipeline's transaction-based pricing is aligned with your own business interests and not on how many branch offices you have or how many agents you keep.

  • Paperless Pipeline lets your admins and agents choose the workflow they like depending on their technical skill-level

    Nothing frustrates agents (and makes them rebel) more than being forced to follow a process they don't feel comfortable with and a workflow that gets in their way.

    Paperless Pipeline recognizes that agents of different skill-levels need different processes to excel at their jobs. That's why we made sure that technically challenged agents aren't intimidated by having to follow a complex process and user-interface -- such agents can just hand off (or email) their paperwork to office admins to upload into the system. And technically skilled agents can stay super-productive by creating and managing their own transactions, uploading their docs, assigning checklists to transactions, and more.

    Pipeline's flexible permission system allows each agent to be granted the privileges that are just right for their technical aptitude.

    In short, Paperless Pipeline allows users of all technical levels to stay efficient and productive, ensuring that 100% of your agents are allowed to take advantage of the system.

Paperless Pipeline's features that will make your team more effective

... and leave you wondering why you didn't make the switch sooner!

  • Use shorter, scanner-friendly maildrop addresses

  • Sync tasks with your Outlook, iCal, or Google Calendar

  • Make compliance easier with relative due dates on tasks

  • A fast, time-saving workflow for Reviewing Brokers

  • Save and reuse frequently needed messages with one click

  • Customize transaction statuses to suit your company’s standards

  • Easily preview, merge, and break apart documents

  • Generate commission disbursement authorizations with ease

  • Get powerful commission reporting for your business

Your Next Steps

You want to choose the system that’s the best fit for your agents and staff.
You want to choose a system that your admins and agents will embrace regardless of their technical skill level.

So how do you get there without wasting weeks and months of mind-numbing product comparisons and information overload?

and see the difference for yourself.