Real Estate Software Q&A

What is a transaction file?

A transaction file is anything from a listing to "pending" to "closed". A transaction is counted only once—when it's created.

Once a transaction is created, you can change the status at any time and it will continue to count as just a single transaction file.

For example, if you start a transaction file as a listing, that counts as one transaction file.

If you get a pending offer on that listing, you will change the status from "listing" to "pending" and it will continue to count as only one transaction.

How does the transaction file quota work?

When you create a transaction file, it counts against your quota for the current month's billing cycle.

The transaction quota is reset on your billing date every month and any open transaction files you created in previous months will not count against your new quota.

Why is Paperless Pipeline the best software for real estate agents?

"What do I need to close my deal?"

"I turned in my paperwork…you lost it!"

Questions like this will disappear when you begin to use Paperless Pipeline.

Commercial real estate firms—and their real estate professionals—love using the application for real estate document management because we focus on one thing: eliminating the burden of paper.

It's not uncommon for an office using Pipeline to cut their paperwork management time in half for every single transaction.

If you've already gone digital and you store your files on a web server in carefully organized folders, then your email inbox is probably a mess.

With Paperless Pipeline, your files are accessible by everyone who needs access (and no one who doesn't), no matter what time it is or where they are in the world.

You can stop emailing files back and forth and save your inbox for valuable client communication.

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What is real estate CRM software?

There are many real estate tools, and one of the most important is real estate customer relationship management (CRM) software.

As real estate brokers or agents, you’ll benefit from using good real estate CRM software with client management; streamlining transactions and closing deals on time.

Paperless Pipeline, as real estate CRM software, is designed to allow real estate companies to seamlessly manage their business—and its real estate professionals—from one platform.

Real estate CRM software helps you keep all of your contacts and communication history in one place so you can easily convert new customers and retarget old ones.

It doesn’t matter if you are at your office or on the road because the data is stored online.

Real estate CRM software helps a real estate company manage its businesses with minimal wasted time while improving the personalization of its communications.

New real estate agents benefit from using real estate CRM software because it results in better client communications, improved lead generation, and a more productive business.

What doesn't Paperless Pipeline do?

Paperless Pipeline is not a forms company. If you want forms, choose from the dozens of existing solutions like Zipforms, RealFast, or your own MLS.

But once your forms are filled out, don't put them in a filing cabinet. Take your office mobile instead and use Paperless Pipeline for your real estate transaction management.

How does Paperless Pipeline work? What does it do?

As real estate management software, Paperless Pipeline replaces your filing cabinets or the server where your transaction documents are stored.

And, it's better than traditional real estate agent software because you can access it from anywhere. Think of it as your online filing cabinet that's accessible 24/7 from wherever you are.

You can create a new transaction file in Paperless Pipeline by typing a property address and assigning a status like "Listing" or "Pending". That's it—very little data entry is needed to get started.

Documents can be added to your account by scanning, emailing, or uploading directly into a transaction.

The average Paperless Pipeline customer saves more than 50% on their copy bill as a result of putting their real estate documents online.

What doesn't Paperless Pipeline do?

Paperless Pipeline is not a forms company. If you want forms, choose from the dozens of existing solutions like Zipforms, RealFast, or your own MLS.

But once your forms are filled out, don't put them in a filing cabinet. Take your office mobile instead and use Paperless Pipeline for your real estate transaction management.

Why is real estate marketing important?

All real estate brokers need effective real estate marketing tools to be successful in the real estate industry.

Understanding the key role of good marketing materials is vital for real estate teams.

Real estate marketing is a critical component of the real estate industry, and it can tip the scales toward success or failure.

Real estate marketing includes:

  • Marketing campaigns
  • Branding
  • Public relations
  • Marketing strategy
  • Generating leads
  • Direct mail
  • Email blasts
  • Phone calls
  • Your market position
  • Digital advertising
  • Virtual property tours
  • Your website

And everything in between.

Will Paperless Pipeline help me track real estate agent production and commissions?

Yes. Add Paperless Pipeline's optional commission module to your account and you can manage and track your real estate agents' transactions, commissions and production all from within the same system.

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How do I get started with Paperless Pipeline?

If you're a hands-on person, just sign up and start using Paperless Pipeline. It's free and you don't need to enter a credit card.

If you want to learn exactly how Paperless Pipeline helps real estate agents, brokers, firms and their transactions online, sign up for a personal demo.

You'll get a guided tour through the system as well as a chance to ask questions specific to your office.

Is my data safe and secure with Paperless Pipeline?

Paperless Pipeline ensures the privacy of users' data by utilizing SHA-256 With RSA encryption by GeoTrust and the world-class server infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Paperless Pipeline incorporates advanced security solutions that give you the same level of data protection as an online bank.

Where is Paperless Pipeline located?

Paperless Pipeline is a virtual company, which means that at any given time, its real estate professionals can be found in Iowa, Colorado, Texas, New York, Hawaii, Florida, Arkansas, and sometimes even more exotic places.

How long has Paperless Pipeline been around?

Paperless Pipeline was launched in February 2009 and thousands of real estate agents, brokers and admins across the U.S. and Canadian real estate industry trust it to manage their transactions securely and reliably.

Can I back up my data locally?

Sure! However, you don't need to. The data in Paperless Pipeline is more secure than it would be in the average real estate office.

Our real estate document management is a step above the rest. We'll save your documents for an entire decade (that's years beyond what state regulations require.)

Each month you can download a backup of the previous month's transactions that were newly added, closed, expired, or cancelled in that month.

Each transaction included in the backup will contain all its documents, notes, checklists, transaction history, and emails. These backups are included in your monthly fee—as long as you download the backup within 30 days.

Past backups can be regenerated for a fee of $100 per four months. The backups are in a format that is easy to open on any modern computer.

What happens to our data if we cancel our service?

We don't believe in "locking" users in. Paperless Pipeline is offered on a month-to-month basis and you can cancel anytime.

Each month, backups with all your transaction documents are made available for download. Data for cancelled accounts is removed from the system within a few weeks of cancellation.

You should ensure that you have an offline backup of your data before requesting cancellation of your service.

How long do you store transaction data?

We keep every transaction and every document in your account for 10 years. As long as you maintain an active paid account, you will always have access to every transaction you need to be legally protected.

Offline backups can be saved on your local computer or server and used as an alternate to transaction management. Data for cancelled or unpaid accounts is not retained.

Do you have electronic signatures?

No, but getting signed documents from your preferred e-signature provider into Pipeline is easy: If you use DocuSign, you can import your signed docs directly into Pipeline. Check out our help website for more details on how Pipeline works with your DocuSign account.

If you use another e-signature provider (HelloSign, EchoSign, RightSignature, etc.), you can use Pipeline's maildrop feature to email your documents into a transaction.

What software is needed to run Paperless Pipeline? Will all real estate professionals need to install new software?

A modern web browser and a high-speed internet connection are all that's needed to run Paperless Pipeline. It is web-based real estate management software.

That means it will work from any desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet that features a modern web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and many others.

To see which browser versions are supported see the System Requirements here.

Whenever we release new updates to Paperless Pipeline, all the features become immediately available to all your users without having to install any new software.

Why is web-based real estate software better for my business?

Since there's nothing to install, web-based real estate management software saves you time and eliminates IT nightmares.

You don't have to backup data or worry about saving it to multiple locations. Paperless Pipeline is available on any computer at any time. All you need is an Internet connection.

With Paperless Pipeline, you will never need to upgrade. You will never need to back up your information. Instead, you can focus on what you enjoy doing and we'll handle the rest.

For best performance, we recommend running Paperless Pipeline on Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, but any modern web browser works just fine.

I own more than one real estate business with multiple offices. Can I manage everything in one Paperless Pipeline account?

Absolutely. Paperless Pipeline knows that the real estate industry is complex, so it supports multiple office locations under one account.

Fine-grained permissions ensure effective transaction management, so transactions are accessible to everyone who needs access—and to no one who doesn't.

Can my real estate agents see how much the system costs?

Only admin users can see the account details and pricing options.

Because of Paperless Pipeline's sophisticated permissions, individual agents can only access the transactions they are involved in and will not see administrator settings.

Do unused transactions carry over to the next billing cycle?

Your transaction quota does not roll over each month. Your quota is reset on your billing date to the amount available for your chosen plan.

You're welcome to upgrade or downgrade at any time to a plan that suits the production levels of your real estate business—and its real estate professionals.

How does the archive-only (0 transactions) plan work?

The archive-only plan gives you unlimited access to past transactions and documents, but does not allow for new transactions and new data.

This archive plan is perfect for offices that are shutting down but want the convenience and simplicity of Pipeline to save their documents for audit.

How does the 450+ transactions plan work?

With the 450+ plan, you get 450 monthly transactions included. Any transactions beyond 450 are $1.40 each and will be added to your next month's bill.

For example: If you create 497 transactions this month, your bill next month will be $630 + $65.80, or $695.80.

We have busy and slow seasons throughout the year. How do I choose the plan that works best for my office?

Paperless Pipeline allows you to upgrade and downgrade your account at any time throughout the month.

When you change the plan in the middle of your billing period, you'll automatically be set to the new transaction level but you won't be billed for it until your next billing date.

We do not automatically upgrade or downgrade your account, so you'll never be surprised at your monthly bill.

How many docs and transactions can be stored?

There is no limit to the number of docs and transactions that can be stored in the system.

However, the number of transactions you can create per month is limited to your monthly payment plan.

How does the monthly billing work?

Your account is billed once per month on the day of your billing cycle. You can upgrade or downgrade anytime.

If you upgrade or downgrade, you'll simply pay the new rate on your next billing date. You will not be charged a pro-rated amount for changes made between billing cycles.

If you cancel your account, you will not be billed again. There are no refunds for past charges or for unused transactions.

Do you charge per-user fees?

No. The prices you see on our pricing page are all-inclusive.

There are no per-user fees — every Paperless Pipeline plan includes unlimited users.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We do not accept PayPal, nor do we accept any forms of offline payments. We also do not accept payment over the phone.

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