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Shawn Milletary

It's just an easy program to use. It's simple. It's beautiful. It gets the job done without being complicated.

Chief Operating Officer400 agent officeRedwood Realty, Washington D.C.

Paperless Pipeline is so easy to use and updates are so subtle they don't ruin your day! Even our seasoned brokers can use it without too much instruction. It's also nice to be able to access your files on line no matter where you are.

Dawn AFeb 22, 2018
Tavia Ritter, Information Technology Operations Manager - RE/MAX of Reading, Washington

To this day (two years later) I still have people who initially balked that we were going “to the cloud” with their transactions that now sing the praises of Paperless Pipeline.

IT Operations Manager130 agent officeRE/MAX of Reading, PA

Paperless Pipeline is an amazing tool for Real Estate Agents! We keep track of all our transactions in one place but I can also access it from my phone!!!! Its so customizable I set down at my computer in the morning and I know what tasks I need to do for that day. It truly is an amazing tool!!!

Connie MFeb 7, 2018

More than 76,782 real estate professionals trust Paperless Pipeline to close over 2.20 million transactions.

Marlan Platt

We’ve saved $24,000 in personnel, $1,200 in storage costs, and $6,000 in paper per year. We're already at $30,000 -plus. And I'm spending less than $5,000 with Paperless Pipeline.

Chief Financial Officer150+ agent officeBerkshire Hathaway Home Services Elite, Orem, UT

We have been with Paperless Pipeline for 12+ years and have really enjoyed the system and less paper in the office. If at anytime we run into a qliche, all we do is call and they are most helpful to help us, which has not been often. The system works great. Re/Max Agents Realty, Covington, Ga.

Pat SFeb 16, 2018
Donna Jo Merrifield

Another thing we really liked about Paperless Pipeline is that we weren’t tied to a contract. The other companies wanted us tied to them for at least a year or pay a lot of money to break the contract.

VP of Business Development60+ agent officeColdwell Banker Valley Brokers, Corvallis, OR

Very easy and understandable for the agents to get up and running quickly on the system. Rich in features that are applicable to every transaction. Convenience of access no matter where you are in the nation. Helpful and supportive customer service Department.

David CFeb 22, 2018
Charity Clancy

Paperless Pipeline eliminates the need for at least one full time person. If we didn't have Pipeline, to run effectively we'd need at least one or more full time employees, so that saves us about $2,000-$2,500/month.

Director of Operations100+ agent officeRE/MAX Plus of Rochester, NY

Paperless Pipeline is a very important tool necessary to successfully manage your office transactions. Daily Tasks, accessibility, ease of use, sharing, emailing, and documentation of your deals is vital to our day to day business operations.

Ashton SFeb 14, 2018
Kris Keener - Agent Business Support, RE/MAX Equity Group, Oregon

It’s refreshing to work with a tech company that gets how real people work.

Agent Business Support550+ agent officeRE/MAX Equity Group, Portland, OR

Best change we ever made! Fewer manually entered spreadsheets, 24/7/365 access, and very easy for all to use. The updates keep the product current and they offer great support at every turn. I recommend them whenever offices are looking to go paperless.

Kerri BFeb 14, 2018
Laura Kingsbury - Administrative Coordinator, Andrew Mitchell & Company

The platform is extremely user-friendly, making the learning curve very minimal.

Administrative Coordinator15+ agent officeAndrew Mitchell & Company, Marion, MA

Our staff and agents love Paperless Pipeline. It is easy to use and takes care of all our transaction file auditing needs. The also keep improving it. Some agents have said they have used other TM software at other brokers and they think Paperless is easier to use.

Andrew MFeb 22, 2018
Letty Arellano - Designated Broker, Welcome Home Yuma Realty in Yuma, Arizona

Paperless Pipeline brings me peace of mind knowing our files are safe and easy to access.

Designated BrokerWelcome Home Yuma Realty, AZ

We met with Pipeline reps online and talked about costs. When we saw the presentation, we said, This is something that we need to jump on.' We looked at it being cost effective. It's been good for us. And people are on board with this and are utilizing the system really well.

Marlan PJan 10, 2018
Lori Reece - Broker/Owner, RE/MAX Whatcom County, Inc., Washington

State auditors are happy with it and gave it their approval. Simple, cost effective, and it works!

Broker/Owner75+ agent officeRE/MAX Whatcom County, Bellingham, WA

Managing paperwork before Paperless Pipeline was a nightmare! Agents found themselves scrambling at the last minute to make sure all documents were accounted for... Paperless Pipeline brings me peace of mind knowing our files are safe and easy to access.

Letty AJan 21, 2018
Jenny Yager - Transaction Admin, Coldwell Banker ProWest

Even the least computer-savvy agents have grown to love it.

Transaction AdminColdwell Banker Premier OfficeColdwell Banker ProWest, Medford, OR

Paperless Pipeline is a great solution for our office. Not only did we get rid of a warehouse full of old files, but now the agents and staff can access their files anytime, from anywhere. State auditors are happy with it and gave it their approval. Simple, cost effective, and it works!

Lori RJan 22, 2018
Megan & Tracy Vokac, Charles Rutenberg Realty

We know we can count on the staff at Paperless Pipeline for support and resolution as quickly as possible.

Agent AdvocateChicago Tribune's Top 100 WorkplacesCharles Rutenberg Realty, Naperville, IL
Chris Millsap, Owner/ Designated Broker - RE/MAX Advantage-Lake Chelan, Washington

I love that I can access EVERYTHING on my phone, iPad or home computer.

Owner/ Designated BrokerRE/MAX 100% ClubRE/MAX Advantage Lake Chelan, Chelan, WA
Darren Montgomery, Data Analyst - Coldwell Banker Gosslee, Louisiana

If you're starting a real estate company and have to decide between Paperless Pipeline and an office chair, get Paperless Pipeline and sit on the floor. It's that good!

Data Analyst130+ agent officeColdwell Banker, Gosslee, LA

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