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create powerful transaction checklists

Create Powerful Transaction Checklists

Ditch those cluttered paper checklists or those overly complicated digital tools—instead customize and automatically apply checklists in Paperless Pipeline based on the type of deal, the side, the location, and each separate stage or status.

Set Critical Due Dates Automatically

Stay on track and in compliance with due dates that are automatically calculated and applied to tasks. Set due dates for each task based on the listing date, acceptance date, option period, contingency due dates or completion dates, and more!

Generate Custom Transaction Reports

Use powerful search and filter options that provide custom transaction views and instant transaction reporting to make sure you have access to the data you need, when you need it.

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Keep Your Files Compliant and Secure

Never miss an important document that needs your review with instant in-app and email notifications when new documents are uploaded into the system. Seamlessly review those documents within your account from any device, anywhere.

keep your files compliant and secure

Separate Offices, Teams, or Departments

Customize locations to ensure that each office or team will see only what they need—and company leadership can see transactions and pull reports for the entire company. Each location can have their own admin, agents, checklist settings, and more.

Connect Your Account to 1,500+ Apps

Seamlessly connect Paperless Pipeline to 1,500+ apps and send necessary and important transaction information to your other favorite tools with just a simple status change. The integration allows you to move lead stages in your CRM when a listing goes under contract, pass financial information to your accounting system when a transaction closes, send custom notifications, and much more.

provide simplicity

Provide Simplicity for Agents and Admins

Fine-tune every user profile to ensure that the system and features work just as well for tech-savvy agents as it does for the tech-averse. Individual user customization helps ensure that every agent and admin is delighted to use your system.

Be Audit-Ready and Compliant Online (& Locally)

With free monthly backups that are prepared for you automatically, you’ll never have to worry about not having your data. Access your transaction history and review logs from anywhere online. Download and save your monthly backups to ensure that you always have added peace of mind. Be ready for the next audit whenever that comes.

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