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Finding Work-life Balance, Ditching Outdated Software, and Getting 800+ Agents to Go Paperless
9 min read

Growing Your Business

Dawn Southern shares her wisdom as the Compliance Broker for Maximum One Realty, an award-winning paperless office boasting over 800 agents.

Get the inside scoop on how Dawn overcame her struggles with flawed software and streamlined her daily workflow to become 100% stress-free!

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Revealed: Secrets Behind Top-Ten Century 21 Brokerage Redwood Realty's Wild Success
6 min read

Increase Business Growth

Get insights from Shawn Milletary, a founder and Chief Operations Officer of Redwood Realty, a paperless office that boasts over 400 agents.

This highly successful brokerage went from a 3-man basement startup to a top-ten Century 21 company nationally and internationally in 2014.

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How Closer Concierge Goes Paperless and Gains 277% Business Growth in One Year
6 min read
For Transaction Coordinators

Your Business Will Fly High Using Paperless Pipeline

Robbie Gaston works as both Transaction Coordinator and Owner/Operator of Closer Concierge in Plano, Texas. Learn from Robbie as she shares the keys to her success.

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Why Coldwell Banker Valley Brokers trusts Paperless Pipeline to manage $155 million in annual sales volume
7 min read

Climb to the top of the real estate landscape

Donna Jo Merrifield leads a team of 62 Brokers and 3 Principal Brokers at Coldwell Banker Valley Brokers in Oregon. Learn how she implemented continued agent training, overcame excuses, and led a successful paperless revolution in her company.

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Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Elite Real Estate saves $30,000+ a year with Paperless Pipeline
4 min read

Using Paperless Pipeline is a gold-medal move!

There is an epidemic spreading through the real estate world — Paperitis. And its side effects include higher costs for you and your business.

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Elite Real Estate is a successful 150-agent team that operates out of three office locations. When overwhelming paper problems lead to a severe case of Paperitis, the owners turned to Paperless Pipeline in August 2012. They discovered making a switch to paperless transaction management saved them over $30,000 annually.

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RE/MAX Plus Finds Paperless Prosperity
6 min read

Save Money Using Paperless Pipeline For Your Real Estate Business

Charity Clancy is the rockstar Director of Operations at RE/MAX Plus, the real-estate brokerage from Rochester, New York that rose to Top 100 stardom in six short years. Learn how their office transitioned away from paper and how Paperless Pipeline helps her team stay on top.

Be sure to check out Charity's tips for going paperless!

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