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Attract & Recruit Top Producing Agents

Offer them mobility and efficiency with easy-to-use tools

Top-producing agents love tools that are portable, versatile, and simple.

Why portability matters: Top agents love the freedom and convenience of being able to work from anywhere and still be able to access their deals 24/7.

Why versatility matters: If a tool requires agents to change the way they are used to working instead of adapting to their needs, they will refuse to use it or get fed up and rebel. Top agents hate wasting their time learning convoluted new processes forced on them by over-engineered systems.

Why simplicity matters: Imagine if the Swiss Army Knife required a user manual to use it? Top agents love simple tools because they are easy to learn and easy to use. And fewer “moving parts” make simple tools more reliable than complicated ones.

Paperless Pipeline's proven blend of mobility, simplicity, and sophisticated technology is, therefore, perfect for drawing top-producing agents to your company and keeping them there!


Retain Your Agents

Minimize agent attrition by giving them time-saving and high-productivity tools

Your agents are the heart and soul of your business. The tools you offer them should be inviting and not intimidating. Ineffective tools and convoluted processes lead to frustrated agents and increased attrition.

Paperless Pipeline lets you offer mobility, time-savings, and high-productivity to your agents — all packaged in a super-easy-to-use interface. What’s more, it doesn’t force your agents to change the way they like to work. It’s just what you need to keep your agents happily working for you.

What I didn't realize was how good of a recruiting and retention tool Paperless Pipeline was going to be for my agents. They use it, they like it, they like to know if they have to get to a file, they can do that 24/7-

5/Paperless Pipeline

Achieve 100% Agent Adoption

Paperless Pipeline is easy for agents to accept because of its simplicity

The best technology in the world can’t help your business if your agents can’t (or won’t) use it.

Paperless Pipeline recognizes that agents will only truly accept a new office-wide technology if it’s simple to learn, easy to use, and doesn’t force them to do things in a different way than they are used to. This is why every feature in Pipeline is based on direct feedback from our users. Your agents and admins won’t have to struggle with over-engineered features and convoluted processes.

Pipeline is sophisticated enough to please your most tech-savvy agents and simple enough to be accepted by the most tech-challenged ones. In other words, 100% of your agents will find it easy to adopt it.

Paperless Pipeline has made our office experience much more efficient and organized. Even the least computer-savvy agents have grown to love it.-

5/Paperless Pipeline

Pretty bulletproof! Nearly every agent gets Paperless Pipeline with little or no help, even at the start. Those who need some extra help are pretty easy to get started with a 15 minute session.-

5/Paperless Pipeline

Go Paperless with Zero Risk

No long-term contracts. No gimmicks.

With Paperless Pipeline, there are no long-term contracts to get locked into. Pay month-to-month for the level of service you need. There are no setup costs or any other hidden fees ever.

You can upgrade and downgrade your plan any time. And you can cancel anytime — no questions asked. No gimmicks.

You can even download all your data each month in an open, vendor-neutral format.

If you're starting a real estate company and have to decide between Paperless Pipeline and an office chair, get Paperless Pipeline and sit on the floor. It's that good!-

5/Paperless Pipeline

Reduce Your Costs

Lower your monthly expenditure on toner, paper, file folders, storage units, and copier maintenance

Operating in the paper world has both obvious and hidden costs that keep mounting.

Our customers save hundreds to thousands of dollars each month on office and labor expenses as a direct result of using Paperless Pipeline. Some companies have been able to eliminate entire staff positions thanks to the automation and efficiency provided by Pipeline.

Paperless Pipeline eliminates the need for at least one full time person. If we didn't have PP, to run effectively, we'd need at least one or more full time employees, saving us about $2,000-$2,500/month. And even the benefits that don't have a monetary amount attached to them: the efficiency, transparency and other non-tangible benefits are huge!-

5/Paperless Pipeline

Our office orders are much smaller. Between the cost of ink, file folders, paper, clasps, labels, and a third person who was responsible for just setting up and copying files, we save about $2,000 per month using Paperless Pipeline.-

5/Paperless Pipeline

Keep Your Auditor Happy

Access comprehensive, auditor-friendly history on all transactions

Paperless Pipeline maintains a complete, easy-to-follow audit trail of all activity on transactions. Comprehensive and accurate transaction information ensures painless audits. You can even let your auditor view your transaction history directly in Pipeline. If you’d rather go through an audit offline, we’ve got you covered — download the transactions being audited with just a couple of clicks.

We got a PERFECT TEN on our audit!!! It couldn’t have gone better! I am so happy : )-

5/Paperless Pipeline

Keep Your Admins Happy

No more trips to the filing cabinet

The days of managing deals with sticky notes, huge filing cabinets, and wall calendars are over.

With Paperless Pipeline’s notes, emails, calendars, reminders, checklists, and documents available from any computer or mobile device, transaction management doesn’t get any better for your admins.

Pipeline’s organizational features, speed, and efficiency make keeping track of all-things-transaction feel natural for your admins. The simple, distraction-free interface allows them to support your agents with 100% satisfaction.

It's simple. It's easy. It doesn't take very long to create a transaction, and as we're growing, we need that!-

5/Paperless Pipeline

Keep Your Agents Happy

Mobility, mobility, mobility

The #1 win we hear from agents is that they don’t have to come into the office any more to sign or view a document. That’s because Paperless Pipeline works with PCs, Macs, tablets, and phones so your agents and admins can access their transaction information from anywhere at any time.

I carry an average of 70 listings and can't imagine carrying that many files around. I love that I can access EVERYTHING on my phone, iPad, or home computer using Paperless Pipeline.-

5/Paperless Pipeline

Make Your Business Happy

Enjoy a long-term partnership with our friendly team

Paperless Pipeline is recognized as the easiest transaction management system on the market. Our commitment to simplicity and continuous improvement makes Pipeline a great platform for transitioning your company from paper to paperless. And as your business evolves over the years, our team will be there for you every step of the way.

If Paperless Pipeline isn’t right for your business, we will be the first ones to tell you. And if it’s the right solution, you will find no better partner.

After doing much research and actually purchasing another program, we are currently using Paperless Pipeline. We like that it is simple to use and easy to learn. Our agents embraced it and are thrilled with the convenience of having everything in one place that is accessible from anywhere. We also like how the people at Paperless Pipeline are very receptive to our needs and suggestions. We are definitely satisfied customers.-

5/Paperless Pipeline

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