Spring Cleanup with New Features from Paperless Pipeline (Spring 2021)

It’s time to clean up and organize your real estate business

Things tend to back up during a normal year in real estate. But last year, was no normal year. In fact, the start of 2021 has only been a extension of 2020 — a strong, busy, and chaotic time for brokers, agents, and transaction coordinators alike.

Given that, you’ve probably been forced to put things on the backburner in order to better focus on the things that matter most. While necessary, doing so still leaves us with overdue tasks, client follow up that got left behind, and a list of things we intended to get done but never did.

This spring, it’s even more important to carve out some time to get organized and cleaned up before the summer season ramps up. To help, Paperless Pipeline has been hard at work building new features that will help you clean up, pull together, and stay productive. 

5 new features in Paperless Pipeline to help you get organized:

  • Separate deductions for easy accounting
  • Automate fees based on a percentage basis
  • New ways to generate agent commission reports
  • Connect incoming documents to tasks quicker
  • Assign tasks and visibility to individuals or groups

Keep deductions separate for easy accounting

Itemized deductions in your real estate commission reports will help you see exactly where money is going. Track home warranties, rebates, transaction coordinator payments, and anything else you pay to a third party at closing. 

This new feature allows you to expand the deduction reporting feature that’s long been critical to real estate offices using Paperless Pipeline. Now, you can include a breakdown of deduction amounts on your Agent Income and Commissions & Closings reports by simply selecting the “Include Deduction Details” option when running the reports. 

Automate fees based on a percentage basis 

Save yourself critical time and let Paperless Pipeline do the heavy lifting (commission claucting) with new Agent Fees, Client Fees, and Deductions based on a predefined percentage.

When setting up fees based on a percentage, specify a default amount (or none at all) along with the desired percentage basis for each fee (e.g., sale price, gross commission, distributable commission, etc). When managing commissions on transactions, your specified basis will be used to calculate the fee amount and you won’t have to pull out the calculator. 

New ways to generate agent commission reports

Agent commission reports save you hours of work. Your real estate agents can see their production anytime without having to reach out. You can also pull reports for better coaching, production tracking, and more 

Now, you can generate these reports in more ways to make sure that you and your agents alike are able to see production for exactly the right time period with less effort. Generate your Agent Income reports based on “Last Fiscal Year” and “Current Fiscal Year” just as easily as year to date reports. 

Connect incoming documents to tasks quicker than ever before

Easily identify docs that correspond to tasks on a transaction. It’s now as simple as hovering over a task name within a transaction’s checklist to highlight the matching doc. It’s automatic and instant. 

This also works in reverse. When you need to identify a task in a checklist that relates to the document you’re looking at, the task will be highlighted for you.  

Assign tasks and task visibility to individuals or groups

Tagging people on tasks can be a tremoduly helpful way to identify responsibility. In Paperless Pipeline you can use the @mention feature to tag people within a template or one-off as the need arises.

Now, you can let your @mentions control who sees tasks with the new @mention visibility setting. The setting allows you to set tasks to only be visible to the person or people you’ve @mentioned—and you can use it along with the other visibility settings to make sure your team only sees tasks intended for them. 

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