Real Estate Transaction Software Review 2020: What’s New from Paperless Pipeline

Paperless Pipeline is a small and highly focused team that creates simple real estate transaction software. Since 2009, our products have helped the country’s top real estate professionals manage transactions with purpose-built software— and throughout 2020, we found even more ways to delight customers:

We worked directly with customers to release new features that made real estate transaction management easier.

We collected the best practices and wrote new guides to help companies get more done.

Perhaps most importantly, we helped those impacted by COVID-19 scale back, save money, and take their company’s remote.

New Features in Paperless Pipeline from 2020

Paperless Pipeline turns real estate software and transaction management on its head. 

We believe real estate software is too complicated. There are too many options, too many buttons, and too much to learn.

While many real estate offices overpay for and underutilize bloated software, we build purpose-built software that’s simple, easy to use, and not bloated with half-baked features meant to please everyone. 

In 2020 we built what customers needed and always kept simplicity at the forefront. We added new features to ensure that you and your agents get the information you need, when you need it, and at precisely the right time:

  • See inventory at a glance. You can now download instant Listing Inventory & Pending Inventory Reports. 
  • Send checklists and timelines without typing. Drag & drop entire checklists into emails 
  • See the most critical information, quickly. Hone in on the most important transaction information with better data organization for every transaction. 
  • Send full and auto-completed emails in less time. With new auto-fill tags, you can create complete email templates with variable data and send those emails in just two clicks: add the template and click send. 
  • Focus on only certain transactions in 1 click. You can create custom transaction report shortcuts to see only the transactions you need to see—no filtering, sorting, or digging needed. 
  • Get what you need, in a single glance. We updated the dashboard to provide real-time task, document, and closing information. See what’s closing this week, which transactions have tasks due today, and which transactions have new documents to review.
  • Create a company-wide announcement that everyone will see. Brokers and admin can easily announce important information they’d like to appear directly on the home page.
  • Assign tasks to exactly the right person or group of people. Cut through the clutter and set task visibility to specific people with the @mention feature so that only select users can see tasks meant for them.

New Guides, Best Practices, & Pro Tips from Paperless Pipeline

We have thousands of amazing customers who have been using Paperless Pipeline to grow their companies and close more deals. 

Working with such groups means we see what works and what doesn’t. We hear the problems new companies have and the solutions that help them grow. We collect those best practices and help new and experienced real estate professionals alike to grow, recruit, and close more deals than before. 

Guides for real estate transactions and compliance:

Guides for real estate recruiting:

Guides for working remotely in real estate: 

Paperless Pipeline Pro Webinars: 

How Paperless Pipeline Helped Customers Through 2020

2020 was a year, unlike any other.

We faced hardships that placed unique challenges on those in real estate, created new sets of disclosures never before needed by brokerages, and ultimately led to some of the highest producing months for real estate companies nationwide. 

However, the ups and downs were not equally distributed—but Paperless Pipeline helped customers do what was best for them— scale back, grow quickly, and adapt to remote workplaces.

Three ways Paperless Pipeline helped in 2020:

1. Customer’s saved money when restrictions were mandated. 

Because Paperless Pipeline customers can upgrade and downgrade when needed, they could scale back their plans without reducing user counts, removing features, or sacrificing support.  

For those offices who were required to shut down operations altogether, they were able to save money during a critical time while knowing that their data was safe, secure, and there when their business resumed. 

2. Customer’s expanded without incurring new costs. 

Many real estate companies expanded their operations and agent rosters throughout the year. 

With Paperless Pipeline, customers can add locations and users without incurring additional setup or user costs. They didn’t have to sign annual contracts that would burden them for the remainder of uncertainty, and they were always able to keep data stored locally. 

3. Customer’s transitioned easily to remote-only workstyles. 

Paperless Pipeline has always been the system built for brokers and agents to use anywhere, anytime, and on any device. 2020 showed us just how important that was. 

Many customers transitioned to temporary or permanent remote workstyles with Paperless Pipeline as a vital tool that allowed them to never miss a task or document throughout the entire process.