+ Task assignment to users + Individual transaction backups + Batch transaction importing + Enhanced checklist management + Super rad labels for Working Docs + dozens more new features _______________________ = One monster release!

Set task visibility on checklists – It’s here!!! Assign task visibility by user-type to help define ownership and responsibility for tasks, add an extra layer of privacy, organize tasks more effectively, and eliminate involvement of users not responsible for tasks. You’ll notice several areas positively impacted by this new feature, including visibility filters for your Tasks page, calendar sync, and more.

Download individual transactions on demand – Hand off closed transactions to agents and others without waiting for monthly backups.

Import listings into Pipeline from other systems – Save time and duplicate data entry by importing new listings straight into Pipeline.

Import Dropbox docs into Working Docs – Assign dropbox docs to transactions with a couple clicks. Great for iOS and other mobile users.

Store website links within Office Docs – Let agents and admins access all your intranet and internet services from one place.

Color-coded custom labels in working docs – Distribute working doc assignment responsibilities across multiple admins with a new level of fully customizable labels.

Send multiple Transaction Docs or Office Docs to DocuSign in one shot – Save time and keep your docs more organized by sending multiple docs to the same DocuSign envelope all at once.

Business days support for relative due dates on tasks – Stay in compliance with internal and state regulations that require due dates based on business days, including incorporating custom business holidays.

More to love!

Just in case that wasn’t enough, the fun continues…

Location-specific admins – Define a primary admin for each location for improved communication with agents. Auto-generated emails will now be sent from the location admin, giving agents the most appropriate go-to person for a reply.

Quick access to recent searches – Save time on repetitive searches by re-running your most recent 5 searches with just a click.

Receive daily emails with updates to transactions and working docs – Keep tabs on major daily activity on your account.

Download previous calendar year’s transactions – Get quick and convenient access to your recent years’ data for comparison, analysis and more.

Admins: manage daily reminder email distribution – Control which of your users should be reminded daily by email about their upcoming tasks.

Download checklist templates as CSV spreadsheet files –  This offline download option makes sharing checklists with managers and admins simple and effective, and provides an easy option to backups checklists.

Doc comments and their recipients included in transaction Notes – Gain better auditability for comments left on a transaction’s documents.

Agents displayed on Tasks page – Determine agent responsibilities and workload directly from the Tasks page.

Exclude active transactions from monthly backups – Find completed transactions more easily in your monthly backups.

More sorting options on working docs – Sort pre-assigned working docs by their transaction name for more efficient bulk assignment.

Better spreadsheet downloading for large accounts – We’ve improved support for downloading of the full transaction spreadsheet for accounts that have thousands of transactions.

Expiration and checklist creation dates added as due date triggers – Increase your options for automating relative due dates with these new trigger activities, including tracking critical items related to listing expirations.

Carry over listing agent’s checklist tasks to New Offer – Directly see which tasks were completed or not during the original listing without any additional effort.

User interface enhancements – We’ve released several interface enhancements to boost your productivity further.

    • All Show/Hide Comments buttons have been converted to Comment column headers
    • Printed versions of task lists and checklist templates are now better formatted
    • HTML-formatted emails sent to maildrops are now displayed cleanly
    • Transaction contacts can now be collapsed/expanded
    • Send-to-DocuSign and Email Docs buttons have now been moved to the top of the document list to better support multi-doc sending.

What else?

We love sprinkling the system with several small but sweet enhancements to keep your spirits and productivity high. So keep your eyes peeled!