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Take Voice Notes in Paperless Pipeline When You’re On-the-Go

Ever find yourself in a hurry or without an easy way to take comprehensive notes that you’ll need later?

You can now record audio messages to better track voicemails, speak when it’s more convenient, or add personalized recordings to a transaction. From inside any transaction in Paperless Pipeline, save time by speaking your transaction notes and messages instead of typing them—whether you’re on-the-go, from your laptop when you’re in the office, or any time.

Audio messages allow you to quickly record a note to yourself or send it to others. For example, you can create the ability for an admin to add an audio message to a transaction which can be listened to by agents and other staff with access to the transaction—you can even include the recording as an email attachment.

Three Other Simple Ways to Add Notes in Paperless Pipeline

To ensure that nothing falls through the cracks, here are three more ways that you can be ready to capture the important details of each touchpoint immediately and with ease.

  • Type Notes Directly into the Transaction
    Pull up a transaction and begin taking notes immediately—no extra steps or windows to open. You can share the note with those who have access, or simply keep it private. Save even more time with keyboard shortcuts and message templates to make sure the most important points are captured and you have the information that’s necessary to close the deal on time. 
  • Email Your Notes to Any Transaction
    Does the lender, title company, attorney, or other contact need to be updated about the note you just took? In one motion, you can drag and drop the contact’s email address into the note and Paperless Pipeline will send the note right away. 

    Do you need to add more information about the deal, such as other contact information, a cover sheet, or a document? With one-click, you can have more info added and sent directly to the people who need to know. 
  • Add Shorthand Messages to a Checklist Task
    Since task names are fully customizable, you can use them to store the status of a task or any notes related to the task. Just hover over a task and click its pencil icon to add notes to be seen by anyone who can view the task.

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