SkySlope vs. Dotloop vs. Paperless Pipeline: What’s the Best Real Estate Transaction Management Software?

SkySlope, Dotloop, and Paperless Pipeline are three of the most popular real estate transaction management software platforms. 

Dotloop is the current market leader, handling roughly half of all real estate transaction management in the US. 

Despite this, of the three, Paperless Pipeline dominates the competition with its features and pricing model. This article compares these three transaction management solutions. 

If you are looking for the best Dotloop alternatives, this will help you find the best solution. 

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Top reasons to choose Paperless Pipeline as your transaction management solution over other alternatives include:

✔️Consistently higher satisfaction survey scores.

✔️Per-transaction pricing model allows you to save money.

✔️Adjust your plan based on next month’s business.

✔️Add unlimited agents at no extra cost. 

✔️No paying for features you don’t use (e.g., e-signatures).

✔️No minimum term, so you aren’t tied into expensive contracts.

✔️Free training and support to save time.

✔️Independently owned.

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💡 Is SkySlope cheaper than Paperless Pipeline?
SkySlope and Dotloop are alternatives that seem cheaper than Paperless Pipeline. However, both charge per user, which could quickly result in rapidly rising costs. 

Paperless Pipeline charges a low per-transaction price providing real estate brokers with better value.

Rated Number One by Users

Paperless Pipeline consistently scores higher than other alternatives on satisfaction surveys. 

Below is an overview of the customer ratings of Paperless Pipeline, SkySlope, and Dotloop on review websites G2 and Capterra.

They consider the features, pricing, and more importantly, what customers think.

G2 Crowd Ratings 

  1. Paperless Pipeline 4.6
  2. SkySlope 4.4
  3. Dotloop 4.2 

Capterra Ratings

  1. Paperless Pipeline 4.8
  2. Dotloop 4.7
  3. SkySlope 4.2 

Paperless Pipeline also outperforms its key competitors on customer ratings from Capterra. 

Check out the results below:

Total ratings

When you consider the G2 and Capterra ratings, Paperless Pipeline has a clear lead. Paperless Pipeline is preferred over our competitors in like-for-like comparisons.

Looking for Alternatives? Get Paperless Pipeline

Paperless Pipeline will save you money and offer more features than other real estate software alternatives.

Here is a breakdown of the features and pricing:

SkySlopeDotloop BrokersPaperless Pipeline
Pricing DetailsStarting price: $25 per month for one agent. $500 per month for 50 agents.Starting price: $31.99 per month for one agent. $149 per month for a team. $199 per month for an enterprise.Starting price: $60 per month for 5 transactions. $460 for 250 transactions.
UsersAgent-number-based pricing.Agent-number-based pricing.Unlimited at no extra cost.
Long-term contract1 year contract.Yes.No annual contracts. Cancel any time.
Setup and training$500 training fee.$600 setup fee.Free guided setup and training.
Free trialNo.No.Yes, no credit card required.
Flexible plansNo.No.Easily upgrade or downgrade your plan.
Easy backup of all transactionsNo, download each transaction manually.No, download each transaction manually.Yes, free monthly backups.

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SkySlope vs. Dotloop vs. Paperless Pipeline: In-depth Comparison

Here is a more detailed analysis of each to compare alternatives:



SkySlope is a real estate transaction management software company. It was established in 2011 and acquired by Fidelity National Finance in 2017. 

Key Features

  • SkySlope has a streamlined review process and customized checklists. 
  • All user interactions are stored in a digital log to help with compliance. 
  • It offers integrated forms, digital signatures, and contact management.
  • SkySlope provides analytics, including market share statistics and compliance tracking.
  • The software can be integrated with third-party tools like Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook. 
  • It offers unlimited cloud-based document storage.
  • SkySlope has an intuitive, user-friendly mobile application. 
  • Available on Windows desktop, Apple desktop, iPhone mobile, and Android mobile.

Pricing Details

  • SkySlope offers four plans. Each has the same features but you can add more users:
    • $25/mo. for the Starter
    • $15/user for 11-25 users
    • $10/user for 25-50 users
    • $7.25-$10/user for 50+ users
  • There is no free trial.
  • You must commit to an annual contract.
  • Set up fees apply.


  • New SkySlope users get customized setups and training tailored to brokerages. 
  • Setup is subject to a once-off $500 training fee.  


User Review

SkySlope has a 4.4 star out of five rating on G2.



Dotloop is a real estate transaction management software company, but how does it compare to its competitors?

Key features

  • It tracks compliance with automated workflows and custom tasks.
  • Dotloop provides document templates and task lists.
  • The transaction management platform integrates with real estate CRM, accounting, and marketing platforms.
  • Teams have access to e-signatures.
  • Dotloop provides an option for audit trails on projects.

How much does Dotloop cost?

  • Plans start at $31.99/month for a single agent. 
  • Brokerages must contact Dotloop for custom pricing. Plans start at $149 (Team) and go up to $199 (Enterprise).


  • $600 setup fee for training.


  • Users receive a dedicated success manager.
  • Users have access to an online knowledge base.
  • Phone support available for premium users:
    • Monday to Friday 8 am to 10 pm EST
    • Saturday and Sunday 9 am to 9 pm EST

User Review

Dotloop has a G2 rating of 4.2/5 stars.

Paperless Pipeline

About Paperless Pipeline

Paperless Pipeline is an independent company that provides purpose-built real estate transaction management software for brokers, real estate teams, and independent transaction coordinators. 

As an added benefit, it allows for project planning of each transaction ensuring a smooth process from start to finish. 

Key features

  • Customizable checklists for real estate transactions.
  • Options for automatic assignment of task due dates, improving the ability for teams to collaborate and meet deadlines.  
  • Provides custom transaction reports.
  • Teams can collaborate by uploading and tracking real estate documents from anywhere. 
  • Documents real-time history for easy audits.
  • Assign tasks to your real estate professionals.
  • It offers separate workspaces for different teams, offices, and departments with centralized control.
  • Teams can connect to over 2K+ other apps from a single platform.
  • Document storage and free monthly backups. 

How much does Paperless Pipeline cost?

  • 14-day trial period. 
  • Transparent transaction-based pricing starts at $60 per month with unlimited users.
  • Paperless Pipeline doesn’t require a contract.
  • Clients can easily upgrade and downgrade plans as required.


  • 24/7 support via a searchable online learning center.
  • Unlimited email support (1-hour reply during business hours).
  • Easy to access the Get Help feature on the Paperless Pipeline transaction management platform.
  • Instant messaging for administrators.
  • Weekly online webinars, documentation videos, and more.


  • Free setup.
  • Free training.
  • Free support.

User Review

Paperless Pipeline has a 4.7 Star Review out of 5 on G2.

G2 Customer Review

“(The) streamlined system is user-friendly and easily digestible to the otherwise non-tech savvy real estate agent, while still feature-packed enough to hold its own in a growing digital transaction space.”

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Dotloop and SkySlope can be expensive—especially if you don’t need the extra features. Plus, users don’t rate the transaction management software as highly as Paperless Pipeline.

Your agents and admins need document management software that fits their needs—and it should be a system with multiple capabilities that they enjoy using.

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