Real Estate Transaction Management Reviews: How Paperless Pipeline Stacks Up

Choosing a real estate transaction management platform is one of the most important decisions your brokerage will ever make. 

The short version: Paperless Pipeline is proven to grow your business, not your workload. 

Your team will use the system hundreds or thousands of times each day. The time it takes to get things done and to get the information you need can be the difference between surviving and thriving in a competitive environment. You need to be growing your business, not your workload. 

A closer look: Paperless Pipeline is the obvious choice.

Paperless Pipeline is the number one rated real estate transaction management software platform on G2 Crowd and Capterra.

Below is an overview of the customer ratings of Paperless Pipeline, Skyslope and Dotloop from G2 and Capterra. They consider features, pricing and more importantly, customer satisfaction. Scores are out of 5. 

G2 Crowd Ratings

  1. Paperless Pipeline 4.7
  2. Skyslope 4.4
  3. Dotloop 4.2

Capterra Ratings

  1. Paperless Pipeline 5
  2. Dotloop 4.6
  3. Skyslope 4.5

You need a simple software management system that can cover all the angles, one that ensures every step of the transaction is completed on time and in the right order.

And you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars. 💰💰💰

There are several platforms on the market. It can be hard to wade through all the information.

So we’ve created this page so you can quickly decide on the best platform for your business.

We’re confident that Paperless Pipeline is the obvious one. 89,000 brokerages across the US and Canada already think so. 

  1. Who Are The Main Players?
  2. Paperless Pipeline versus Dotloop 
    1. Price
    2. Contracts 
    3. Training and Support 
    4. Managing workflow
    5. Transaction tracking
    6. At a glance 
  3. Paperless Pipeline versus Skyslope 
    1. Pricing and contracts
    2. Signatures
    3. Training 
    4. Workflow management 
    5. Transaction tracking 
    6. At a glance 
  4. Dropbox and Google Docs
  5. Paperless Pipeline versus Dropbox
    1. Sorry Dropbox but you’re not real estate transaction specialist 
    2. The last word by brokerage owner Kerry O’Neal
  6. Paperless Pipeline versus Google Drive 
  7. Why Paperless Pipeline is the obvious choice

Who Are the Main Players in Real Estate Transaction Management?

There are several established providers in the marketplace: Paperless Pipeline, Dotloop  and Skyslope all specialize in the real estate transaction market.

We’re also going to look at the generic alternatives: Dropbox and Google Drive.

We’re not saying the competition isn’t good – they have viable solutions. It’s just that in every critical category we’re better. Let’s look at the evidence.

Paperless Pipeline versus Dotloop


On this, we simply cannot be beaten. 

Dotloop plans start at $299 per month and work to an agent-based number model. The more agents use the system, the more expensive it gets.

At Paperless Pipeline our plans start at only $75 per month for an unlimited number of users.  And unlike our competitors, we’ll let you try it for free and won’t charge you for setup.

Click here for a free trial.


Dotloop offers a minimum one year contract and won’t let you try before you buy.  

At Paperless Pipeline we do things differently. We understand that brokerages go through cycles or work and our pricing reflects this (more details here).

You only pay when you’re working on deals.

✔️ Pay for what you use

✔️ No long term contracts 

✔️ Cancel or downgrade plan any time

Training and support

We’re confident that once you start using Paperless Pipeline you’ll love it. That’s why we’re happy to spend time getting your team trained.

We’re not here to make a few dollars on an expensive setup – we want you to use Paperless Pipeline to run your brokerage for years to come. 

✔️FREE training

✔️FREE ongoing support

Managing workflow

Dotloop will replace the familiar tools used by your agents and force them to learn new workflows. This duplication of time and effort means more stress.

Paperless Pipeline works harmoniously alongside your existing tools to get you set up and running seamlessly. No new tricks for your agents to master.  

✔️ Integrate with your current tools

✔️ No complex new operating system to learn

Transaction tracking

Dotloop will only allow you to download each transaction manually. At Paperless Pipeline you get to download your entire transactions each month. 

✔️Easy monthly backups

At a glance

Paperless Pipeline versus Skyslope

Another worthy competitor but Paperless Pipeline has many clear advantages. Let’s get into them. 

Pricing and contracts 

Skyslope charges start at $299 per month on a one-year minimum contract with no free trial to see if it’s the right fit. It’s a case of having a go and hoping for the best. 

Compare that to Paperless Pipeline: $75 per month, cancel anytime, free trial offering –  well, you can’t really. There is no comparison.


A digital signature service is the oil that greases the wheels of real estate transactions. They need to be able to be used easily and quickly by agents because delays cause frustration and cost money.

Skyslope will replace your existing tools, and agents will have to re-learn new proprietary software. A time-consuming business. 

With Paperless Pipeline it’s business as usual. Our system will work seamlessly with the existing services favoured by your agents — nothing new to learn here. 


Skyslope will charge you $500 for initial set up and training and no free trial to see if you like it. It’s a gamble. 

It’s a roll of the dice. 🎲🎲

Paperless Pipeline will charge you absolutely nothing to train your team.

We know you’ll love the system and become a long term Paperless Pipeline user. 

✔️ FREE training

✔️ FREE ongoing support

Workflow management

Skyslope forces you into using their entire suite of tools as a way to ramp up the price 💰💰. This is not only more expensive, but completely unnecessary.

We’ve made sure Paperless Pipeline works with all your current tools so your agents can carry on using other software they love.

✔️ Integrate with your current tools (including digital signature services)

✔️ No complex new tools to learn

Transaction tracking

Again, Skyslope will only allow you to download each transaction individually. Paperless Pipeline gives you the lot. Every month. An entire backup of all your transactions. Why make it harder than it has to be?

✔️ Easy monthly backups

At a glance

Dropbox and Google Docs

Some real estate brokerages choose to run their transactions on Google Docs and Dropbox. These are often the tools of choice for brokerages that want a very low-cost solution and a system that will require little training.

Whilst we understand why brokerages choose to use these platforms, we also know they create a lot of extra work.

Paperless Pipeline versus Dropbox 

Dropbox is widely used and has many useful features. It’s just that Paperless Pipeline has many more that are critical to managing real estate transactions. Our three major advantages are:

  1. Paperless Pipeline will set up custom checklists for tracking every single document and task required from the initial viewing to completion. The system ensures that nothing gets lost and everybody knows what they’re required to do and by when — no room for errors here. Dropbox can’t do that.
  1. With any transaction, there are a ton of notes, emails and messages which can easily be lost. Paperless Pipeline records all communications and notes because we know it’s the difference between a smooth sale and a disorganized and late transaction. Dropbox can’t do this.
  1. There are so many moving parts in any real estate transaction. One of the major challenges is making sure that everything is kept in one place, nothing goes astray or gets filed in the wrong folder. Everyone involved needs to be able to access that crucial document at the touch of a button. That’s why Paperless Pipeline created our Review Submitted Documents function. It’s all there. Where it belongs. Dropbox can’t do this for you either. 

Sorry Dropbox but You’re Not a Real Estate Transaction Specialist

Dropbox can’t offer many key features that Paperless Pipeline offers.


❌ Can’t easily locate documents for any stage of a transaction

❌ Can’t get a reminder when compliance tasks are due

❌ Can’t enable agents to submit documents by email, scan or direct upload

❌ Can’t view detailed performance reports

❌ Can’t track the status of transactions 

The Last Word by Brokerage Owner Kerry O’Neal

Paperless Pipeline versus Google Drive

Google Drive is an excellent tool, but it isn’t designed for real estate brokerages, and Paperless Pipeline has far more features that will solve your transaction management challenges.

What Paperless Pipeline Can Do That Google Drive Can’t:

  • Paperless Pipeline will set reminders when compliance tasks are due.
  • Paperless Pipeline will actively track the current status of all transactions and allow you to locate all documents related to them instantly. 
  • Paperless Pipeline will allow you to submit documents by email, scan or direct upload. Whichever way works best for you. 
  • Get the bigger picture. Paperless Pipeline understands the importance of monitoring activity and progress so that you can view summaries and detailed performance reports.  Next time somebody in a meeting says, ‘Right, where are we?’ you can tell them. 
  • Track the status of your transactions at any time.

Why Paperless Pipeline is the Obvious Choice

✔️ We consistently score the highest scores on satisfaction surveys.

✔️ Our price per-transaction model means you only pay for what you use.

✔️ You can upgrade or downgrade your plan based on the next month’s expected business.

✔️ You can add unlimited users at no extra cost. 

✔️ You aren’t required to pay for expensive extras. Many Skyslope and Dotloop users pay for features they don’t use (e.g. e-sign).

✔️ There is no minimum term, meaning brokerages aren’t tied into expensive contracts.

✔️ We offer free training, setup, and support to help you and your agents get the most out of the software.

✔️ Unlike our competitors, we are independently owned, so our only focus is on delivering a world-class product.

Close Deals Faster ⏩  

✅ Easily organize workflows with transaction checklists and automated reminders.

✅ See all documents in one place and mark as reviewed with a click.

✅ Add new transactions in seconds from any device.

Happier, More Effective Agents 😀

✅ Agents can sign and view documents wherever they are.

✅ The software adapts to the way agents work

✅ The intuitive and easy-to-use user interface ensures agent adoption.

Simplify Compliance 🛡️

✅ Maintain a record of activities on each transaction.

✅ See who reviewed documents and when.

✅ Auditors can view records within the platform or download data.

Reduce Business Costs 💵

✅ Stop wasting money on software your agents don’t like.

✅ Less administrative work results in lower staffing costs.

✅ Flexible plans ensure you only ever pay for what you need.

More Efficient Admins 👩‍💼👨‍💼

✅ Create new transactions in just 60 seconds.

✅ Access documents, notes, emails and team tasks from any computer or smartphone.

✅ Calendar sync and task delegation saves hours of admin.

Give Paperless Pipeline a try for absolutely no cost. No credit card required, no contracts, no obligation.