Previews, Shortcuts, and Big Fancy Servers

We’ve received really great feedback about the new document previews. The best part is seeing how easy it is for new agents (and new offices) to instantly understand how to open and review a doc in Pipeline.

We also received feedback from some of our long-time users who relied on PDF downloads to review documents. With the new document previews, you had to click twice to download the PDF—once on the document name and again on Download Doc.

We think reducing the number of clicks it takes to accomplish something is a big deal, so we whipped up a solution as quickly as we could.

First, we added an arrow that appears when you hover over a document name. Clicking that arrow will pop out the document using the new document previews.

In addition, you can now hold the Alt key on your keyboard while clicking the document name and the document will download instantly. If it’s a PDF, it will probably open in your browser’s native PDF Viewer (depending on your browser settings).

You may have also noticed a faster, more responsive Pipeline this week. That’s because our infrastructure got an upgrade over the weekend and we now have nearly double the servers powering Paperless Pipeline. Hold on to your hats!

  1. Tom T
    Sep 20, 2012
    7:33 pm

    Hello Pipeline Team,

    I have to say that I am really impressed with your work. My team is growing and if we had not been “paperless” our desks would be overloaded. The instant preview is an amazing way for me to not have to print a document on paper. I’ve learned through the years that if something takes more than a few seconds to do, it won’t get done. Paperless Pipeline takes this into account and gives us the speed we need to do our jobs.

    Thanks again guys!

    – Tom -Broker / Owner Taranto Realty LLC

  2. Paperless Pipeline Team,
    Top Notch Customer Service!! Not only do you listen to your customers needs/wishes but you respond to those requests in a timely manner. We praise PPL to our agents, clients, etc. about the quality customer service that you display to your customers. Way to go PPL!!! We have been paperless for over a year and not many a day goes by that we don’t comment about how we love being paperless. PPL is easy, user friendly, all inclusive, stream- lined, and affordable.

    Looking forward to growing along with you all!!

  3. Sheila Valencia
    Sep 24, 2012
    2:02 pm

    I really appreciate how responsive you are to our requests and needs. We always get speedy responses and never feel unheard. Thank you for your amazing customer service!

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