Free Real Estate Transaction Management Spreadsheet from Paperless Pipeline

Our downloadable real estate transaction management spreadsheet helps you organize your real estate business. It’s perfect for firms starting out that need a cheap way to manage transactions before moving to an all-inclusive software solution like Paperless Pipeline. 

Our real estate transaction tracker spreadsheet will help you:

  • Manage transactions. 
  • Keep track of key dates.
  • Quickly and easily add key data 
  • Filter your transactions by key areas.
  • Get an overview of the most critical data.

Paperless Pipeline is the Easiest Way to Manage Real Estate Transactions

Organizing your business with a spreadsheet may be manageable when you first start out. But it won’t be long before you will need a more sophisticated method of managing transactions. Here are some of the benefits of using Paperless Pipeline.

Close Deals Faster: Paperless Pipeline has transaction checklists with automated reminders to keep agents on task. Agents can upload documents from anywhere and review them with one click.

Delight Your Agents: Our software is easy-to-use and saves your agents a ton of time and stress, helping you achieve 100% agent adoption. 

Lower Your Costs: Less filing and admin means lower staffing costs. You can also move away from expensive software tools that agents and employees don’t use.

Change Plans with Flexible Pricing: We offer flexible pricing that is perfect for small and large brokerages and means you only ever pay for what you need.

Real Estate Transaction Management Spreadsheet vs. Paperless Pipeline

Paperless Pipeline makes running your real estate business easier. You can create and save instant real estate transaction reports, download the results, and share with your team.

However, getting started with real estate transaction management often starts with managing deals on a spreadsheet. It’s often free, quick, and not terrible when you’re carrying just a few listings and sales. Here are

Using a Transaction Management Spreadsheet:

  • Agents and admins spend time manually inputting information.
  • Forgotten or overlooked tasks mean deals take longer than they should.
  • Gathering information for audit is a job you dread.
  • You feel like you’re continually playing catch-up with your business.

Using Paperless Pipeline:

  • Agents love the ability to upload and access documents from anywhere quickly. 
  • Transaction checklists and automated reminders keep deals on track — without your input.
  • Audit is easy as the software records every action on every transaction.  
  • You feel ahead of everything that happens in your brokerage. 

No Contract, Flexible Pricing: The Perfect Tool for Growing Brokerages

We get that small and growing brokerages don’t want to be stuck with fixed plans that don’t adapt to their needs. That’s why Paperless Pipeline has a flexible pricing model and no contract. 

No contracts: Sign up with us on a monthly basis with no cancellation fee. Upgrade or downgrade your plan, depending on the month’s transaction forecast.

No setup fees: Getting started with Paperless Pipeline is completely free. We even provide training to ensure you get the most from the software. 

No per-user cost: Transaction-based pricing means you can add your entire team to the software at no extra cost. 

We also offer a free trial that lets you manage up to nine transactions over 14 days for zero cost. Test it out by clicking the button below.