Get Your Free Real Estate Transaction Worksheet From Paperless Pipeline

Managing transactions for your entire real estate business can be both challenging and time-consuming.

As an agent, admin, or transaction coordinator, utilizing a spreadsheet is an efficient method for tracking and managing transactions from initiation to closing, particularly for firms that are just starting out.

We’ve created a downloadable real estate transaction management spreadsheet to help you organize your real estate business.

Our real estate transaction tracker spreadsheet will help you to:

  • Manage transactions. 
  • Track important dates.
  • Quickly and easily add key data.
  • Filter your transactions by location.
  • Get an overview of the most critical data.

5 Tips for Efficient Transaction Management Processes 

Many real estate businesses are so focused on sales that they forget to ensure their admin processes run smoothly.

However, if your transaction management process is slow and full of mistakes, your business will be less efficient—meaning you’ll make less money than you should.

Here are five best practices to streamline your transaction management processes:

1. Limit who can access your spreadsheet

Keeping your transaction data accurate and consistent is critical. Your entire business relies on this. The more employees that can access your spreadsheet, the higher the risk of errors.

Any mistakes can slow down the closing process or even lead to deals falling through—both of which will impact your revenue and reputation. 

Maintaining consistency in a manual system like a spreadsheet becomes increasingly challenging when multiple people use it. In fact, the likelihood of errors increases with the number of users. 

Restricting access to your administrative tools to a select few ensures that your data remains a reliable and singular source of accuracy.

Additionally, if there are any issues with the management of the system, you then know exactly which team members require further training.

2. Start transactions earlier

Many brokerages only start new transactions when their real estate agents submit documents.

This means that there’s extensive admin to be completed before the deal can move forward.

This slows the entire business and can be frustrating for all parties involved—including your clients.

You can get a head start on some of these processes by initiating new transactions earlier. You could, for example, begin when your agents write offers or when they are about to list a property.

3. Have one inbox for all transactions

Handling data isn’t the only area where consistency is key. You should also make sure that your staff and agents send all transaction data to one inbox.

Haphazardly sending documents, updates, contracts, and offers to various people can lead to missing or even losing some of these essential items.

Using a single inbox, agents can send or forward emails with attachments, scan documents directly into the inbox, or have documents automatically sent from e-sign tools into the inbox.

4. Communicate quickly and often

Good communication is the backbone of a successful brokerage. This is why you should use automatic updates and instant email templates to make regular communication quick and simple.

By using Paperless Pipeline, you can set up automatic email reminders for upcoming and overdue tasks.

The software also allows you to streamline email updates and communication using saved email templates and auto-fill tags.

5. Let agents view your system

As mentioned earlier, you should limit the number of employees who can make changes to your transaction management system.

However, you should allow everyone to view it by managing the permissions correctly.

This means anyone can search and access the detailed information they need and know exactly what stage each transaction has reached. However, they can’t necessarily edit or alter the data themselves.

With this setup, your agents will no longer need to email you and your admins with questions, which saves time. 

It also means your agents are always prepared. Whether they’re at the closing table or getting ready for tax season—production, commission, and contact details are at their fingertips.

No Contract, Flexible Pricing: The Perfect Tool for Growing Brokerages

Go beyond spreadsheets and enter the world of automation, where processes and operations are simpler and more streamlined. 

Paperless Pipeline is transaction management software that helps you automate entire processes while reducing the risk of errors.

Our pricing model is flexible, with no contracts required, allowing you to subscribe to our tool on a month-to-month basis.

There are also no setup fees or per-user costs. With transaction-based pricing, you can add your entire team to the software without any additional charges.

Try Paperless Pipeline today with a 100% free trial to discover why our software is the best spreadsheet alternative. It’s that simple.