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Connect Paperless Pipeline to 1,500+ Other Apps with Zapier

As a productive real estate company, Paperless Pipeline is vital to your business operations. You rely on it for compliance, task management, broker reviews, commission reporting, and much more. However, you probably also rely on other tools that further empower your agents and support your admins. Today, you can now use Zapier to connect Paperless Pipeline and with those other tools that you use every day. 

With this new integration, setting up automated workflows between Paperless Pipeline and 1,500+ other apps is quick and easy. These workflows, called Zaps, allow you to create custom integrations that seamlessly send data from Paperless Pipeline to another app any time a transaction’s status is changed. 

Each Zap that you create can help supercharge your process by automating actions in your other tools—whether you’re using an accounting app to track office expenses, a human resources app to manage staff, or a CRM to help close new leads. Additionally, with Multi-Step Zaps, you can chain together multiple actions between different apps—all based on a single status change in Paperless Pipeline.

Customers have already been using the integration to both eliminate time-consuming tasks and create new custom features to help set their company apart and gain competitive advantages in their market. Here are a few examples:

Create custom reports in your spreadsheet app.

Using Paperless Pipeline and connected spreadsheet apps on Zapier, customers can send specific data points to their preferred tool—allowing you to create unique and highly-customized reports suited to your office’s specific reporting needs..

Send a testimonial request from your survey app.

Using Paperless Pipeline and connected survey apps on Zapier, customers can send testimonial requests to happy clients—whether they just sold their home or bought their dream house.

Change a contact’s stage in your CRM app.

Using Paperless Pipeline and connected CRM apps on Zapier, customers can create deals or update existing ones with data provided by Paperless Pipeline at any or all status changes.

Get started with Paperless Pipeline and Zapier.

If your other essential apps are connected to Zapier and you currently have an active Paperless Pipeline account, learn how to get started here. Or, if you have questions, contact your Customer Care Team at

Don’t have a Paperless Pipeline account?

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