Change in Transaction Quota Date

On July 1, we’re changing our monthly plans to make them easier to understand and maintain from month-to-month. Your monthly transaction quota and billing date will now have the same start and end date so you can more closely monitor how many transactions you use and determine the right plan for your office.

Your new transaction quota date will be determined by your last billing date. If you were charged on June 10, your quota will now reset on the 10th of each month. Depending on where your billing date falls within the month, you may have your quota reset earlier than usual during July. In that case, you’ll get a few bonus transactions for the same price to help us keep things as simple as possible as we transition.

Let’s say you’re on the 40 / month plan and your billing date is July 15. On July 15, your account will be charged at that level and your transaction count will reset to zero. That means you’ll have from July 15 to August 15 to add 40 transactions. You’ll still have the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade at any point throughout the month.

One other thing that’s changing on July 1 is the price of our unlimited plan. It will now be $450 for up to 450 transactions, with each additional transaction costing $1 each. Current users who are on the unlimited plan or have been within the last three months will be grandfathered in and will always pay the existing monthly rate of $450.