Turn real estate closings
into repeat deals with an
8 year follow up campaign

Archie multiplied

Introducing, Archie!

Archie is a new kind of follow up system designed to automatically build a future pipeline of transactions for your real estate business turning closings into new deals.

Try Archie on your recent closing

Turn your closings
into more deals

Archie by Paperless Pipeline does all of the work for you. You stay top-of-mind with every past client with an automated email and handwritten postcard series that lasts 8 years.


How Archie fits into your business

When a transaction closes
Send the address to Archie
Activate the 8 year follow up sequence
Stay in touch automatically for 8 years.
Get the repeat deal
Get referrals by staying top of mind
Build a sellable future deal pipeline for when you retire
Bonus: Paperless Pipeline customers get automated integration for their closings, no data entry required

My client really appreciated that I was staying in touch on the very first personal card that Archie sent out!

 Jason Stuyvesant

How Archie works for you

Natural follow up by email

Follow up by email is automatic and natural. No pressure, no sales, just care.

Celebrate the important milestones with personal cards

For the major milestones and anniversaries, Archie automatically sends personalized handwritten postcards. Handwritten addresses, on personal envelopes, with handwritten stamps.

Screenshot of the Archie app

How to get started
with your next closing

With Archie there are no monthly subscriptions and no tedious campaign setup. Arche costs just $179 per closing and includes 8 years of personalized followup. Close just one deal and Archie more than pays for itself.