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The agents love it. All the time they're saying how it’s the greatest thing that has happened to Maximum One Dawn SouthernMaximum One Realty,
Atlanta, Georgia
1000+ agents

Our staff and agents love Paperless Pipeline. It is easy to use and takes care of all our transaction file auditing needs. Andrew McLellanGentry Real Estate,
Gilbert, Arizona
120+ agents

The first thing our agents said was ‘Wow! This is simple. It’s so easy.’ They love it. Dawn SouthernMaximum One Realty,
Atlanta, Georgia
1000+ agents

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Our customers have closed 2,000,000 transactions using Paperless Pipeline.

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What Makes Paperless Pipeline Different?

  • With Paperless Pipeline:
  • Your staff and agents aren't forced into a workflow designed by software engineers. Instead they can adopt workflows that suit their technical skill level.
  • You are never locked into a long-term contract. So if it doesn't meet your needs, you can just cancel any time.
  • Your data is never held hostage. Download a backup of your transactions for free each month.
  • You never pay based on number of agents. So idling agents don't cost you a thing. Just pay based on the number of transactions your office handles each month. And change your transaction limits month to month at no cost.
  • You can try out the product completely free of charge for 21-days (no credit card needed.)

Paperless Pipeline has been the easiest product rollout we’ve ever done. The interface is simple and intuitive, and even our least tech savvy staff have been able to use the platform efficiently in a couple of weeks. It’s refreshing to work with a tech company that gets how real people work.- Kris KeenerAgent Business SupportRE/MAX Equity Group, Oregon550+ agent office

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Pricing Plans To Suit Any Office

You pay only for new transactions created each month.

No contracts, no gimmicks, unlimited users.

New transactions created in 1 month 10 25 40 80 150 250 350 450+
Total cost for that month $75 $100 $125 $175 $225 $300 $350 $450
  • Plan price is determined by how many new transactions your office creates per month.
  • Easily upgrade or downgrade your plan from month to month, depending on your office's transaction volume.
  • A transaction file is anything from listing to pending to closed and is counted only once against your monthly quota - when it's first created.
  • You can change a transaction file's status at anytime and it will continue to count as one transaction file.

Included in every plan

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited document storage
  • Free monthly transaction backup downloads
  • Change plans at any time.
  • No long-term contracts.
    Cancel at any time.
  • Zero setup fees
  • Free setup of agent roster
  • Free live training for admins
  • Human-friendly support with live chat

Paperless Pipeline Brings Big Benefits
to Your Agents and Admins

  • Access documents from any computer, any browser, anywhere. Show up to closing without paper.
  • Turn in paperwork by scan, email, or direct upload.
  • Stay organized with an "Items Needed" checklist for every transaction.
  • Email contracts to clients, lenders, and title companies right from the system.
  • Getting started is 100% free and pricing scales with your office.

After doing much research and actually purchasing another program, we are currently using Paperless Pipeline. We like that it is simple to use and easy to learn. Our agents embraced it and are thrilled with the convenience of having everything in one place that is accessible from anywhere.- Leslie MyersDirector of OperationsJ.P. Weigand, Wichita, KS8 offices, 311 agents

Take The Tour of Paperless Pipeline

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View important activity stats at a glance.

Access frequent actions with one click.

View essential transaction information, including the agents and contacts involved.

View, edit, and check off tasks as complete when documents are submitted. Add due dates and change who is able to see a task.

Add notes to a transaction and easily communicate with your team, saving your most-used messages for later reuse. Email documents to outside parties straight from a transaction.

Mark documents as reviewed or rename and categorize them.

View upcoming and overdue tasks.

Sync tasks with iCal, Outlook or Google Calendar.

View documents waiting to be assigned to transactions.

Upload documents directly to Working Docs.

Preview and assign documents to the appropriate transaction.

Upload documents using an email address.

Break apart, rotate and download docs.

Open docs with quick preview to verify that they are complete.

Mark documents as reviewed by broker.

Note what's incomplete on a document.

Enable the "Entered" feature to keep track of entry into your accounting software.

Filter transactions by office location, status, or checklist completion state.

Sort by close date, last update, transaction name...

Use Quick Search, Advanced Search, Filter and Sort to find the exact transaction you need.

Quickly access transactions using readymade Shortcuts, Recent Searches and Recent Updates.

Store commonly used forms and documents so agents and staff can easily access them.

Organize documents using customizable categories.

Quickly search for the documents you need.

Save links to frequently accessed websites.

Import signed documents from your DocuSign account.

Conveniently import your DocuSign docs into Paperless Pipeline with two clicks.

View a summary of listing, pending, and closed commissions.

Review total usage stats and download usage reports by agent.

View frequently used transaction reports.

Fine tune permissions to control the actions that your agents and admins are allowed to perform.

Create reusable checklist templates that can be applied to transactions.

Automatically assign checklists to transactions based on status or label.

Add or edit task names.

Set relative due dates on tasks and who can see them.

The annotated tour is best viewed on your larger monitor or tablet screen.

Top Offices Rely On Paperless Pipeline For Real Estate Transaction Management

67,895Agents & Admins Using Pipeline
1,756,620Deals Closed Using Pipeline

Trusted by offices of

RE/MAX, Windermere, Coldwell Banker, and more...

Time, training, and patience gave us a 100% adoption rate. ALL of our agents use Paperless Pipeline, some more intensely than others, but all use it. To this day (two years later) I still have people who initially balked that we were going “to the cloud” with their transactions that now sing the praises of Pipeline.- Tavia RitterInformation Technology Operations ManagerRE/MAX of Reading, Pennsylvania130 agent office