The PDF Fixer-Upper

Today we’re releasing a tool that we’ve been working on for the past couple months. We call it PDF Fixer because it takes the PDFs you upload and puts them in tip-top shape.

Paperless Pipeline has always handled modern PDF files quickly and easily. However, scanners sometimes produce PDFs in an outdated version. And some e-signature programs export files using unusual PDF formats. Files can even get corrupted from being moved around and manipulated one too many times.

The PDF Fixer will now take all these broken files and automatically repair them so you can more easily merge, rotate, and break them apart within the system.

We’ve also added an icon that indicates when a PDF is password-protected or encrypted – which means our system (and any others) aren’t able to manipulate it. Now, instead of going through the entire merge or split process and being told it failed because of a certain document, you’ll know the culprit right away. When working with an individual doc that’s password-protected or encrypted, you’ll notice that the ability to merge, rotate, and split has been disabled.

We hope PDF Fixer and protected PDF identification will save you time and make your day-to-day tasks in Pipeline even easier!