New: How to Recover Deleted Real Estate Docs

Summer may be heating up, but Paperless Pipeline’s latest release will make your workflow cooler than ever.

  • Recover deleted docs: Master admins and document deleters can recover docs deleted from transactions as well as unassigned docs. Click the “Deleted Docs” option from the left-hand menu of the transaction or the Unassigned Docs section to locate and download the deleted doc. Then re-upload it to the system if needed. Learn how this works here →
  • Keep your computer logged in for 7 days: When logging in to Pipeline, you can now select the option called “Stay logged in for 7 days”. For security, be sure to only use this option from your own computer and own secure network. Learn more here →

Rename franchise fee to match your company's naming convention

  • Open next/previous document previews with new keyboard shortcuts: Now you can use Shift + ↑ and Shift + ↓ (Shift plus up or down arrow on your keyboard) to quickly open the preview of the previous or next docs when in any document list.
  • View new offer status right from its original transaction: Hover over a transaction’s new offer to instantly see that offer’s current status and creation date.

Agents can receive a monthly commission report

  • Buyer and Seller email address now included in transaction downloads: Need to send an email to buyers or sellers? Download transaction spreadsheets to access email addresses of buyers and sellers. Learn how to download spreadsheets here →
  • And many more improvements.


New improvements in the Commission Module:

  • Filter the Pending Commissions Report by acceptance date.