Format emails sent from transactions, mark notes as private, bulk add tasks to checklist templates, and more!

Get ready to fall in love with brand new improvements from Paperless Pipeline:

  • Format notes and send structured emails from transactions: Format transaction notes and messages with bolded text, italics, bulleted lists, etc. Pipeline now supports the popular and easy-to-learn Markdown formatting method to give you better control over the appearance of your transaction notes.Learn how to format messages here →
  • Mark transaction notes as private in Notes & Sent Emails: When sending or adding private notes from transactions, click “Make this note private.” This will make those notes visible only to the sender, admins, and internal recipients in the Notes & Sent Emails section of the transaction.
    Mark transaction notes as private in Notes and Sent Emails

    Learn how to mark transaction notes as private here →

  • Bulk-add tasks to checklist templates: When setting up checklists, paste in a list of existing tasks to save time and minimize errors.Learn how to bulk-add tasks here →
  • Hide checklist completion percentages from agents to simplify agents’ view of transactions: Uncheck the company-wide setting “Show checklist completion percentages to agents” to prevent your agents from seeing checklist completion percentages across their transactions. This can eliminate confusion when the percentage reflects admin tasks an agent can not view.
    Hide checklist completion percentages from agents to simplify agents' view of transactions

Commission Module Updates

  • Drill down Commission Summary data: Click figures on the Commission Summary report to see the Pending or Closed Transactions that were used to calculate those figures.
    Drill down Commission Summary data

    Learn about Paperless Pipeline’s commission module here →

  • We’ve also released numerous other improvements and fixes to keep you working faster and more efficiently.

So Pipeliners, what’s your favorite new feature this fall? Email and let us know!

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