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Paperless Pipeline takes your real estate transactions and related documents online - without changing how you work.

  • Access documents from any computer, any browser, anywhere. Show up to closing without paper.
  • Turn in paperwork by scan, email, or direct upload.
  • Stay organized with an "Items Needed" checklist for every transaction.
  • Email contracts to clients, lenders, and title companies right from the system.
  • Getting started is 100% free and pricing scales with your office. .

Top Offices Rely On Paperless Pipeline For Real Estate Transaction Management

38,862Agents & Admins Using Pipeline
549,714Deals Closed Using Pipeline

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Offices using Paperless Pipeline for real estate transaction management
RE/MAX, Windermere, Coldwell Banker

Paperless Pipeline has been the easiest product rollout we’ve ever done. The interface is simple and intuitive, and even our least tech savvy agents and staff have been able to use the platform efficiently in a couple of weeks. For increasingly mobile agents, it ensures their paperwork is submitted in a timely manner and accessible wherever they are. And, the customer service from Paperless Pipeline has been superior. They are responsive and thoughtful in addressing your needs. It’s refreshing to work with a tech company that gets how real people work.-

Kris Keener - Agent Business Support, RE/MAX Equity Group, Oregon

Kris Keener, Agent Business Support
RE/MAX Equity Group, Oregon
550 agent office

Everyone Loves Paperless Pipeline

Brokers Love It

  • Facing an audit? Get access to every document in an instant
  • Get agents and staff using the system without any expensive training
  • Recruit agents from anywhere
  • Save time reviewing files - an hour or more per day!
  • Have the freedom to work (and answer paperwork questions) from anywhere
  • Handle more agents and a higher volume of transactions without added staff
  • Retain your top agents by giving them the freedom of mobility
  • Eliminate expensive storage centers
  • Hire remote staff and utilize them for multiple locations
  • Control who has access to every transaction and every file
  • Stop sending paperwork back and forth between multiple parties and locations
  • Eliminate trips to the storage room to dig up old files
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Managers & TCs Love It

  • Hold agents accountable and stop chasing down missing paperwork
  • Review and work on files from anywhere
  • Learn the system in minutes (not days or weeks)
  • Have a clean desk and empty filing cabinets
  • Spare yourself all "I turned it in, you lost it" discussions
  • Answer the "What do I need to close?" question in seconds
  • Examine documents and check for errors without downloading files
  • Easily break apart contracts or merge them together
  • Upload multiple files at once
  • Get a monthly backup of every transaction, every note, and every file
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  • Quickly see what documents are missing across all transactions so you can get paid at closing
  • Learn it in minutes and start using it on your very next transaction
  • View documents and share files from an iPhone, Blackberry, or Android phone
  • Access your deals anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, from any laptop or tablet computer
  • Travel to appointments without a giant stack of papers
  • Turn in paperwork by scanning, emailing, or direct upload
  • Know which of your listings are about to expire
  • Show up to a closing without dragging along a stack of paperwork
  • Share files with the people who ask for them most often
  • Enjoy a peaceful vacation while leaving the mountain of paperwork at home
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Take The Tour of Paperless Pipeline

View all recent transaction activity at a glance.
Keep track of overdue and upcoming tasks.
Broker and staff can review documents from the Dashboard.
Follow up on transactions with incomplete checklists.
See which transactions are closing soon.
Filter transactions by their office location, status, and checklists.
View all transactions and sort by transaction name or close date.
Use Quick Search, Advanced Search, and Filter to find the exact transaction you need.
Quickly access recently updated transactions.
Easily edit transaction information as things change.
View essential transaction information, including the agents and contacts involved.
View, edit, and mark checklist items complete as documents are submitted.
Add notes to the transaction and easily communicate with your team.
Email notes to team members involved in the transaction.
Classify documents and make them viewable to only certain parties involved in the transaction.
View upcoming and overdue tasks.
Sync tasks with iCal, Outlook or Google Calendar.
Click a Checklist or Transaction name to be taken directly to that Checklist or Transaction.
Upload documents directly to the Working Docs page.
View all documents waiting to be assigned.
Preview and assign documents to the appropriate transaction.
Upload documents using an email address.
Download, rotate, break apart, and delete documents.
Directly view all fully executed contracts from your DocuSign account.
Conveniently import your DocuSign docs into Paperless Pipeline with two clicks.
Open the transaction and preview documents to see whether they're complete.
Note what's incomplete on a document and mark completed documents as Reviewed.
Enable the "Entered" feature to keep track of entry into your accounting software.
Store commonly used forms and documents so agents and staff can easily access them.
Organize documents using customizable categories.
Quickly search for the documents you need.
Create reusable checklist templates that can be applied to transactions.
Control template permissions by office location.
Add, remove, or change the order of individual checklist items.
Create additional checklist items by clicking "+ Add more tasks".
Update your office name.
Manage company-wide settings like notifications and features.
Choose an Admin + Tech Support contact for your company.
Upload your logo to fully brand the system to your office.

The annotated tour is best viewed on your larger monitor or tablet screen.

Paperless Pipeline Tour

As a real estate admin, my transition from managing paperwork on my own to using Paperless Pipeline has been seamless. The platform is extremely user-friendly, making the learning curve very minimal. I was up and running, and easily tracking my transactions in no time with 100% support from the Paperless Pipeline staff.-

Laura Kingsbury - Administrative Coordinator, Andrew Mitchell & Company

Laura Kingsbury, Administrative Coordinator
Andrew Mitchell & Company, Massachusetts
15+ agent office

Pricing Plans To Suit Any Office Size Straightforward pricing — no contracts, no gimmicks

Features Small Office Medium Office Large Office Small Office Medium Office Large Office
question mark New transactions per month 10 25 40 80 150 250 350 450+
Monthly price $75 $100 $125 $175 $225 $300 $350 $450question mark
zero risk
question mark Change plans at any time
Included! Included! Included! Included! Included! Included! Included! Included!
No long-term contracts. Cancel at any time Included! Included! Included! Included! Included! Included! Included! Included!
Zero setup fees Included! Included! Included! Included! Included! Included! Included! Included!
Unlimited document storage Included! Included! Included! Included! Included! Included! Included! Included!
Unlimited users Included! Included! Included! Included! Included! Included! Included! Included!
Free setup of agent roster Included! Included! Included! Included! Included! Included! Included! Included!
Free live training for admins Included! Included! Included! Included! Included! Included! Included! Included!
Video tutorials and user guides for agents Included! Included! Included! Included! Included! Included! Included! Included!
Human-friendly support with live chat Included! Included! Included! Included! Included! Included! Included! Included!

A transaction file is anything from listing to pending to closed and is counted only once against your monthly quota - when it's first created. You can change its status at anytime and it will continue to count as one transaction file.

Need help choosing a plan? We can recommend one for you, or you can .

Time, training, and patience gave us a 100% adoption rate. ALL of our agents use Paperless Pipeline, some more intensely than others, but all use it. To this day (two years later) I still have people who initially balked that we were going “to the cloud” with their transactions that now sing the praises of Pipeline.-

Tavia Ritter, Information Technology Operations Manager - RE/MAX of Reading, Washington

Tavia Ritter, Information Technology Operations Manager
RE/MAX of Reading, Pennsylvania
130 agent office

How It All Works Together

1 Add Documents
Add Documents
There are 3 ways to get a document into the system. Scan it, email it in or upload it directly to the site. You can even upload multiple documents at once.
2 Assign To Transaction
Assign To Transactions
Uploaded documents are sent to a holding queue, where office staff or agents with appropriate permissions can assign them to a transaction.
3 Double-Check Docs
Double-Check Docs
Staff can check for errors while assigning docs by reviewing them for missing signatures and pages. Instant document previews are available for PDFs.
4 Review Checklists
Review Checklists
Staff can check off docs as they come in. A red checklist means it needs attention. A green checklist means everything is done and the agent can get paid.
5 Email Agents
Email Agents
You can email agents right from the system. The message, date, and time are saved in the transaction to prevent "you didn't tell me that" discussions.
6 Missing Paperwork
Missing Paperwork
When agents are emailed about missing docs, they can just reply with the missing doc attached and it'll go right to the system. They can scan or upload directly too.
7 Mark It Complete
Mark It Complete
All finished? Staff can mark the paperwork complete in the system and send a message to the broker letting them know it's ready for review.
8 Final Broker Review
Final Broker Review
The broker can review all the transaction’s files on one page. They can fire off notes for items that still need work or mark them as complete.

Paperless Pipeline is a great solution for our office. Not only did we get rid of a warehouse full of old files, but now the agents and staff can access their files anytime, from anywhere. State auditors are happy with it and gave it their approval. Simple, cost effective, and it works!-

Lori Reece - Broker/Owner, RE/MAX Whatcom County, Inc., Washington

Lori Reece, Broker/Owner
RE/MAX Whatcom County, Washington
75+ agent office

100% Commitment to Safety and Security

Utilizing 256-bit SSL encryption by GeoTrust and the world-class server infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Paperless Pipeline ensures the absolute privacy of our users' data. Paperless Pipeline incorporates the most advanced security solutions, giving you the same level of data protection and redundancy as an online bank.

Access Anywhere

Access Anywhere

Paperless Pipeline is always available for you to access no matter where you are in the world via all modern web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc). In addition, you can download all the files and data from your account every month using a secure link created just for you.

Offline backups can be saved on your local computers or servers and used as an alternate way to store and access your transaction data.

Online Security

Online Security

Your login connection with Paperless Pipeline is secure and encrypted using industry-leading SSL technology. The information stored in's data centers is accessible only by SSL encrypted endpoints - meaning your data can't be viewed while being sent from your computer to Amazon's secure facilities.

Your data in Paperless Pipeline is safer and more secure than with most online applications and is even safer than traditional offline storage.

Multiple Backups

Multiple Backups

Paperless Pipeline stores user data in's highly reliable data centers. Every document uploaded and every word typed into Paperless Pipeline is automatically copied to multiple backup locations using the Amazon S3 cloud storage service.

Amazon S3 provides a highly durable storage infrastructure designed for mission-critical and primary data storage. The service redundantly stores data in multiple facilities and on multiple devices within each facility.

9,427,035Documents Stored Safely & Securely
in Paperless Pipeline

After doing much research and actually purchasing another program, we are currently using Paperless Pipeline. We like that it is simple to use and easy to learn. Our agents embraced it and are thrilled with the convenience of having everything in one place that is accessible from anywhere. We also like how the people at Paperless Pipeline are very receptive to our needs and suggestions. We are definitely satisfied customers.-

Leslie Myers, Director of Operations - J.P. Weigand, Wichita, KS

Leslie Myers, Director of Operations
J.P. Weigand, Wichita
8 offices, 311 agents

Questions & Answers

What is a transaction file?

A transaction file is anything from listing to pending to closed. A transaction is counted only once - when it's created. Once a transaction is created, you can change the status at anytime and it will continue to count as one transaction file.

For example, if you start a transaction file as a listing, that counts as one transaction file. If you get a pending offer on that listing, you will change the status from "listing" to "pending" and it will continue to count as only one transaction.

How does the transaction file quota work?

When you create a transaction file, it counts against your quota for the current monthly cycle. Your transaction quota is reset on your billing date every month and any open transaction files you created in previous months will not count against your new quota.

How does Paperless Pipeline help my real estate company?

"What do I need to close my deal?"

"I turned in my paperwork…you lost it!"

Questions like this will disappear when you begin to use Paperless Pipeline. Brokers and agents love using the application for real estate document management because we focus on one thing: eliminating the burden of paper. It's not uncommon for an office to cut their paperwork management time in half for every single transaction.

If you've already gone digital and you store your files on a web server in carefully organized folders, then your email inbox is probably a mess. With Paperless Pipeline, your files are accessible by everyone who needs access (and no one who doesn't) no matter what time it is or where they are in the world. You can stop emailing files back and forth and save your inbox for valuable client communication.

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How does Paperless Pipeline work? What does it do?

Paperless Pipeline replaces your filing cabinets or file server where your transaction documents are stored. And, it's better than traditional real estate transaction software because you can access it from anywhere. Think of it as your online filing cabinet that's accessible 24/7 from wherever you are.

You can create a new transaction file in Paperless Pipeline by typing a property address and assigning a status like "Listing" or "Pending". That's it…very little data entry is needed to get started.

Docs can then be added to your account by scanning, emailing, or uploading directly into a transaction. The average Paperless Pipeline customer saves more than 50% on their copy bill as a result of putting their real estate documents online.

What doesn't Paperless Pipeline do?

Paperless Pipeline is not a forms company. If you want forms, choose from the dozens of existing solutions like Zipforms, RealFast, or your own MLS.

But once your forms are filled out, don't put them in a filing cabinet. Take your office mobile instead and use Paperless Pipeline for your real estate transaction management.

How do I get started with Paperless Pipeline?

If you're a hands on person, just Paperless Pipeline. It's free for your first 5 transactions and you don't need to enter a credit card.

If you want to learn exactly how Paperless Pipeline will help your office manage their real estate transactions online, sign up for a personal demo. You'll get a one-on-one guided tour through the system as well as a chance to ask questions specific to your office.

Still have questions? Visit the FAQ page to read more answers.

Paperless Pipeline has been a breath of fresh air to my business. It has helped me be more efficient, organized, and has truly revolutionized the way real estate is done. Thanks, Paperless Pipeline.-

Bryan Harlee - Broker/Owner, First Trust Realty

Bryan Harlee, Broker/Owner
First Trust Realty, Maryland
9 agent office