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Powerful Transaction Coordinator Software

Before Pipeline: Wasted time managing transactions, tasks, and checklists spread out over dozens of systems.

With Pipeline: Carry more deals with transaction coordinator software built with automated checklists, due dates, reminders, and more.

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Create unique workflows for every agent you coordinate for

Set up checklists for each agent that contain exactly the documents they need—based on the property, side, and documents required by their brokerage. Automate the checklists with instant due dates based on critical activities for even greater control.

  • Listing Date
  • Acceptance Date
  • Appraisal Date
  • Loan Approval Date
  • Option Period
  • And many more...
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Keep your agents, and their clients, up-to-date

Email important updates and requests to agents with just two clicks using saved message templates. Paperless Pipeline will record all your communication about a transaction in one place so your team never misses a beat.

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Send cover letters with transaction milestones and updates

Generate and send transaction updates with critical information to ensure agents and their clients know when the next milestone is, who the contacts are, and what they can expect.

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What transaction coordinators have to say about Paperless Pipeline:

Robbie Gaston

Having Paperless Pipeline has helped me to balance life for my agents. I also have freedom and a lot of balance brought back in my life as well. With that, my business has grown 277%. There’s no way I could have achieved that level of growth without Paperless Pipeline. I guarantee it.

  • Robbie Gaston
  • Transaction Coordinator, Closer Concierge
  • Plano, TX
Brandy Chase

Using paperless pipeline has changed the way I do business. As a transaction coordinator I can handle five times more the amount of files than I could handle prior to Paperless Pipeline. It has helped me streamline my systems and provide stellar service to the agents we service.

  • Brandy Chase
  • Transaction Coordinator, Pro File Transaction Management
  • Salt Lake City, UT